Thank you for stumbling on my blog – Mellywood’s Mansion.

In this blog, named after my “Mansion” (which to be honest does not really resemble one),  I will be writing about four things that are close to my heart – my recipes, my crafts, my jewelry designs, and my interior designs in my Mansion. The goal is to provide you with inspiration in your very own cooking and design activities.

Please take note that everything I will be posting here will be as real as it gets. I will be honest with you about my cooking or design projects. I will let you know if my recipes did not come out as I planned or if my design projects did not look as I envisioned it. Feel free to tell me your feedback as well as I endeavor to improve myself with all of the feedback that I will be getting from you. For example, if I show you what I did in my carriage-house garage door in Tempe which we recently had serviced by the best Tempe garage door repair company, feel free to let me know if the look is crappy or if you were impressed. Your feedback is important in my growth as a designer.

Why have I chosen to feature all my favorite things in this blog site?

  • Recipes – As a mother of five children – 5 boys and 2 girls, I have gone a long way in experimenting with different recipes to suit their tastes, since they were just babies until now when my eldest has just turned 15. My eldest has actually turned quite picky in choosing what he wants to eat. At the same time, I want to make sure that my children eat what they like while balancing it with nutritious food. My husband Jules is also an avid eater. I have definitely learned a lot of recipes in catering to the needs of my family.
  • Crafts – I love working on different craft projects, from paper flowers to designing my children’s dresser, to painting our garage door, to making Japanese paper and creating paper designs for my children’s birthday party and so on. I am so proud of my designs that I would love to share them with you. Feel free to share yours too.
  • Jewelry designs – I create my own jewelry. I am quite fond of funky, quirky types, the ones that are statement pieces and capture the attention of people. I am also a little bit of a dork and book nerd and I love creating jewelry related to books such as J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. Creating jewelry makes me happy. I hope looking at my designs makes you happy as well.
  • Interior designs – I am proud to say that I have done all the interior styling for my home. In this blog, I have taken lots of photos of my interior design projects and am happy to be sharing them with you as well. Fair warning though, these designs are not as picture perfect as I would have wanted them, and of course with five kids, it would be difficult to have that. But it’s a labor of love so I hope you will appreciate them.

I hope to be regularly updating this blog with new content so check back once in a while. As I always say, “be delighted everyday, follow Mellywood’s Mansion!”