We received two invitations for parties this weekend – one is for a friend’s baby shower and the other one is for a second birthday celebration. But looking through my schedule this week, I could not find the time to go to the mall to buy gifts for the occasions. We buy houses los angeles and we need to scout for schools for my kids. Good thing, I love making crafts and I think I’m just going to make some personalized quiet books for the celebrants.  

As I have always said, I love making craft projects. This is my way of relaxing from my crazy mommy life and a venue for me to express my creativity and release my artistic side. Through the passing of time, I have collected lots of craft materials and machines that make it easier for me to do what I want to do. I have different kinds of scissors, pens, brushes, glue stick, glue gun, markers, crayons, color pencils, craft cord and ties, wires, ribbons, different kinds of paper, glitter, paint, fabrics, and more stuff. I have a collection of Martha Stewart craft supplies such as stencils and brushes. Of course, I have the Sizzix Big Shot cutting machines and dies. I can go on and on about my craft materials because I just love collecting them. And in this case, they come in handy as I can easily make my personalized quiet books as gifts for the little ones. 

I got this idea of making quiet books because we try to do away with gadgets in our home, especially for the younger kids. They are not allowed to use gadgets but we do encourage them to read books and engage in art activities that would develop their skills. My friends used to give us cloth books and my babies loved looking at them so I figured I could make them some quiet books when they outgrow their cloth books.   

For this craft activity, we are going to need felt cloth in different colors, sewing machine, thread, scissors, glue, and polyester filling. For the baby shower, my friend is going to have a baby boy. Since studies show that babies respond better to the red, black, and white colors, I am going to use these colors of felt fabric. I have also searched for patterns on the internet that would be visually stimulating for babies. Good thing I have dies and molds that are similar to these patterns so I used them to cut the felt fabric. I then assembled the figures in different cloth pages with shapes and patterns in red, black, and white colors. I put the polyester fillings inside the shapes and patterns then used the glue gun to stick them together in one page.  I then sewed the edges together to bind them into a book. I also cut out letters that spelled the baby’s name and put them on the front cover. There you have it, the personalized quiet book that I will give as a gift at the baby shower.