Hey there!

Welcome to the crazy world that is Mellywood’s Mansion.

This is my blog and I’ve named it as such because originally this is all supposed to be about my “Mansion” and everything that happens in it. Don’t get tricked by the fact that I called it a “Mansion.” Obviously, that’s sarcasm at the highest level although as a proud mom of five, I do my best to keep it clean and great looking with all of my crafty ideas. Fair warning though, if you are looking for images of a picture perfect family and a picture perfect house, what you will see in this blog is nothing but!

What I will feature here is about the reality of being a mom to five kids, three boys aged 15,13 and almost 2 and two girls 11 and 3. Of course, sometimes I will be featuring my roommate (otherwise known as husband) Jules.

Here I will be sharing some of my crafts, jewelry designs, recipes, interior design ideas and more. For a little bit of a sample, here are some of the things that I did:

  • My crafty fun knitted necklace scarf
  • My Glitter Washer Bracele
  • My Sesame Street Dresser that is pure awesomeness

Mostly, I believe perfection is overrated and creativity is about learning as you go. From time to time, I like to ask whether a project I did has been a delight or a disaster. (Shhh… but I’m a blogger who doesn’t care if you say you didn’t really like something, strangely I am way more critical than anyone has ever been). Life should be fun and I hope that you leave here a little inspired to have a go at trying things whether it’s something I have done or just something you have been too scared to try, but more than that, I hope you leave with a smile on your face.

Thanks for reading,

Mel xoxo