Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My Perfectly Imperfect Experiment - The Patchwork Chair

 Hey Guys,

I am so, so , so excited about this chair makeover. It's not perfect and I made heaps of mistakes but you know what I LOVE it.

Remember this thrifted chair, yep awesome design but let's be honest it's a bit dark and dreary

Then I started seeing patchwork chairs on Pinterest, I fell immediately in love, however they were all for sale, (around $1000) dollars and I had no idea how to turn that idea into a DIY.

Then I thought, blow it, I have all this free fabric that my neighbour gave me, it was from a friend of hers who sells patchwork fabric. She always collects the samples once the line is done, and I just started cutting squares using my Big Shot. Check the link below (*affiliate link)


Can't tell you how awesome it is, cuts through 8 layers at a time and I had my squares cut in an hour!!!

Stitching these pieces was looking like a nightmare until I found this tutorial from Sew Mama Sew, AMAZING!!! It took me less than an hour to sew the main fabric.

Then it was time to pin and get the sides cut, that was the part I found really difficult, it is so not perfect but who cares I still love it and I have learned a lot from this chair to try with the second one.

This bad boy came out more than a few times while trying to place the pieces, exactly where I needed them.

By this stage I was just thrilled, I really could see it coming together.

I painted the arms and legs using white chalk paint from the EZE2Paint range from Canterbury Blue sold here, totally paid for it myself, but I just adore her and her paints!

And then stapled it on. There are a few lumps and bumps but I think it makes it more beautiful in that shabby chic kind of style.

DIY Delight or Disaster? Oh this my friends is a total delight. I'm not sure I have ever had a project that has truly come together with so much love. In spite of the short cuts I took with the cutting and sewing, this took a LONG time, mistakes and seam ripping aside it was worth every minute, I adore it! The chair is perfect like it was made for me, the new cover, isn't perfect but can I tell you, it's beautiful anyway. It makes me smile every time I see it and that can only be an absolute delight!!

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Look What My Thrifting Fairy Godmother Found Me.

It's been pretty quiet lately on the blog, what with the holidays and then a million things coming up time is just getting busier and busier. Also I have to declare something to you, I am outing myself as a Tupperware freak. So much so that I decided to take up selling it. Not to worry though, I won't be bombarding you guys with it, although if you're in the Melbourne area of Australia and want to host a prty drop me an email (mellywoods5@gmail.com), I promise, it wont be like any other party you've been to, cocktails and Tupperware.....yeah I'm going there!

Anyway I have scored a few things lately, not one but two of these chairs, my Mum thinks they're from the 50's apparently my grandparents had them when she was a young child. I love the really high backs. Being a tall person, I find lots of modern furniture is really low backed and low to the ground. These chairs are so comfy the kids are fighting over who gets the other one. $10 each. If you follow me on Facebook, you'll have seen the progress I am making turning this from 50's find to shabby chic/cottage gorgeousness. I'm almost finished one of them, oh and I am loving it, delights abound so far!

You have no idea how long I have wanted a suit valet. You know we all have those crazy things we have on our "one day" list, this is it for me. I saw it on my local op (thrift) shop's fb page and was lining up at the door before opening the next day. $25 a bit pricey for thrifting but I had to have it. Jules says I shouldn't give it a makeover, I'm like, ummm do you remember who you're talking to, she will be painted! Also look at the floor, that was the disaster in my living room. The paint scratched and peeled and looks worse by the day, currently saving for new flooring. I still don't regret ripping up that blue carpet.

I want to give this a makeover for Summer, 20 cents, can't go wrong. I've discovered landfill rescue shops, thanks to my friend Karen at RUDE Record, completely changed my thrift store shopping ways and I am now scoring amazing bargains! She's amazing, turns fabric rescued from landfill into amazing fashion items. Check her out!

This vase, I am not even sure what it was about this vase but I fell in love with it. Even all scratched up it is absolutely gorgeous. I don;t think this photo is showing it right because it truly is so beautiful. 10 cents score! I have started playing with vignettes and it's truly a stand out piece. Obviously I will share when I get it finished.

Well this post has been a little chattier than I intended but it was kind of a catchup as well. If I haven't made it to your blog this week, I am making the rounds.

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Ombre Russian Doll Pillow

Hey Guys,

Well the holidays are done and the kids are back to school for the last 2 months of school. I really enjoyed having them home and to be honest I also enjoy sending them back!

Over the holidays I did a few projects but this one comes with a freebie for you.

A few weeks back my friend Cass at Cass Can Sew put a call out for pattern tester for her new appliqué pattern. As soon as I saw they were Russian Dolls, my hand went up immediately.

I made a very simple envelope pillow then I used Heat & Bond Ultra Hold, this stuff is brilliant, you do not need to sew it. In fact if you can't (or don't like to) sew you could buy a cheap pillow and do the appliqué without so much as touching a needle. It just irons on. I have washed it before and it holds up well but do so at your own risk. That said you  could have some fun new pillows in a matter of 15-20 minutes.

The pattern was very easy to work with and Cass has a nested option too. Go and check out all the ideas and download the free pattern here.

For those of you who don't sew, these would make beautiful paper crafts especially cards or wall art and Russian dolls are always a hit at Christmas!  Actually I have another idea I hope to finish using the dolls very soon.

Thanks Cass for trusting me to play with your baby,

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo

Friday, 3 October 2014

Christmas is Coming!

You can hate me for the reminder but it's true Christmas is coming.

As a kid as much as I loved the big present I truly loved my stocking, all the bits and pieces not to mention the candy, it was always so exciting. I like to take my time with the kids stockings, I made them huge ones and right through the year I like to pick up items I think they will like.

However when they got to school age, I realised that a lot of the stuff was just crap, played with and broken before the last slice of Plum Pudding had been devoured, so I thought of ways I could fill the stocking with things they would love and actually use.

Recently the good folks at Zak! offered me the chance to review their new range of Frozen lunch box products and I thought these are perfect stocking stuffers and gifts for my nephews. Anyone with a little girl will tell you that anything Frozen related is the absolute bees knees so of course I said yes please. 

Madeleine immediately fell in love with it, and now asks me every day when school starts, sorry kid not until February, so until then it's fabulous for picnics and days at the beach. 

The boxes have clip seals which are very easy for little hands to open and all products are BPA free. Once lunch is made pop it into the insulated bag and you're ready to go.

However what if like me, and you also have a little boy who loves Frozen but doesn't want princesses all over his plates and drink bottles, what are you going to do? Well the boys haven't been forgotten they also have Sven and Olaf, in blue!

You can check out the whole Frozen range here, but I've included a small sample of  other items available in the range.

Other great stocking stuffer ideas include.

Cutlery, all kids love having their own special forks and spoons.

Dinner plates, so you can eat with the Frozen crew at all meals.

So if you're thinking of online shopping this Christmas, get ordering early to avoid postage dramas and if Frozen is not your thing, Zak! has many other wonderful licensed products and items for older children. Items will also be available at Big W and Kmart.

Thanks for reading,

 Mel xo

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