Saturday, 20 September 2014

Nurseries - Oh Baby!

Hey Guys,

I was more than a little excited this week to have the opportunity to curate a board over at Hometalk.

Oh Baby (pun intended) there are so many cute ideas for any one planning a nursery, like this adorable wall art from Our Pinteresting Famly.

This cloud mobile from Domestic Guideline. fun and affordable.

Speaking of doing it on the cheap, my Fish Tank Nightlight can be done for under $5

Of course there is the gorgeous vintage nursery from DecorChick, so beautiful my uterus was contracting just by looking at this....luckily my brain stepped in and whispered, Brady Bunch.

Of course there is my Sesame Street nursery, which is bittersweet to look at because it is going to be taken down early next year to make way for a big kids room.

So many more beautiful ideas, so go check out my Hometalk board (Click on the picture below) and tell me it doesn't make you want to have a baby to decorate for!

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. What a lovely board, Mel! I still love that dresser you made {actually the whole nursery!}

  2. Beautiful inspiration!! Iam so honored to be included. :)

  3. How the heck have I not seen the Sesame Street room? You made me laugh so loud about contracting uteruses...I just woke my husband up:) great projects!!

  4. What a beautiful collection of fun and mostly affordable nursery decorations. Are you trying to tell us something?

  5. Makes me wishing I would have another I didn't say that, but hopefully a few grandkids. Your collection of babies rooms is lovely. So many different looks!

  6. That is too cool Mel.....I am headed over to follow your board right now. Love Hometalk!

  7. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I'm so sad it's leaving (the Sesame Street room). It's not even my room, and I'm sad, lol. I've already got some of the things pinned from it... pinning the picture here for the complete look, lol. If I had another baby (which I won't...yeah, Brady Bunch AND old age came to mind for me), I'd love a room like that.

  8. Great board! And yes, Decorchick's nursery is amazing.


  9. OMGosh LOVE the cloud mobile! I so wanted to do a Sesame street room.

  10. Heck NO! No more babies here till grandchildren ... and that will be a while!
    Beautiful nurseries! And I love the fish tank night light and your sesame street room Mel.


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