Friday, 8 August 2014

A Dream Morning With Uncle Tobys Quick Sachets #Sponsored Post

Mornings here at the mansion are a nightmare, in fact I try to avoid them all together until after the old kids have left because this is the sight that greets me each and every morning! I truly wish that was staged, it doesn't really put me in the best mood, when it takes me 40 minutes to clean their mess before I can start breakfast for the little ones.

Only to have this happen!

In my dreams morning would be held at Buckingham palace, of course if I was hosting breakfast none of the "dignitaries" would be allowed to have their phones. How rude!

Or on my own, this would suit me perfectly.

To my delight Uncle Tobys sent me some of Quick Sachets Oats. I love that there are no artificial colours or flavours, I love that they're made from whole grain oats, of course these things are important to a busy mother concerned with the health of growing teens and tots.

However the thing that I loved most was the fact that they are a no mess no fuss option, take a look at my kitchen!

Okay so they still left me with their rubbish and dishes to clean up after I am delighted to say that instead of 40 minutes it only took 10 minutes to clean, one happy Mel!

Uncle Tobys Oats also only take 90 seconds to cook, leaving no time for the kids to argue between putting the bowl in the microwave and getting it out. The taste was delicious, all five of the kids loved them, Max who is the hardest to please begged to have it for lunch too. So while I might not be entertaining at the palace any time soon, or eating in Paris , Uncle Tobys Quick Sachets Oats have turned my nightmare mornings in to a dream. Find Out more by visiting their website here

Mel xo
Disclosure: Mellywood's Mansion received this product free of charge, all opinions are my own.


  1. wow, you have a very big kitchen!! I'm so envious:)

  2. I don't know if my comment went through- I'm on my phone :) anyway, I love when a quick choice is also a healthy one!

  3. Result! Love your kitchen btw! We have a similar product over here - great for cold winter mornings :)

    Hope you are well hun xx

  4. The phones at the table...oy!
    And oh no, to the spilled food. Your little one got herself good with that one. Been there, done that. ;)

    The Uncle Toby's: 90 seconds to cook, and they like it too? That is a good deal!! We'd try it. :)

  5. I love quick breakfast ideas! We are usually rushing around in the mornings and anything that saves me time is a win!

  6. My kids love the Honey flavoured oats and I'm hoping to try the wholegrain ones on them soon. I'm also happy to have four kids feed in 6 minutes and it does make for a cleaner kitchen.

  7. I love a quick and healthy breakfast options! Sounds easy, I am sold!

  8. yum, we love oats for breakfast! How nice to have a quick option in the morning too!

  9. I'm all for any breakfast that makes my mornings easier! Will be on the look out for these oats.

  10. All natural works for me. Liking them on fb now, and I'll have to be on the look out for where they sell them in my area.

  11. Now all you need are some of Nanny's microwave bowl holders!! ;)

  12. Oh Mel, you are so funny! Your kitchen gets some gorgeous light. I loved seeing both the pictures of your kitchen. And, I love any tips to provide quick and healthy breakfasts. We'll be going back to school in 10 day so these tips are much needed right about now :)

  13. Giggling at your before. Face smack. I would not be very happy to wake up to that.

  14. Oh girl I so don't look forward to when the kids get old enough to make more meals. The clean up is such a pain! And the accident shot looks so like my house! HUGS :)

    The oats sound perfect and great for the kids here :)


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