Wednesday, 23 July 2014


G'day, ready for WYPW? Good.

I need a cool yarn buddy.

I've also been cooking and cleaning for about that long and the place is still a mess and they're always asking for dinner.

Can I add chevron to that list too!

Jules is away on business for the next couple of weeks, seriously I don't even need to walk far at present.

I got sick of telling the boys to do their homework, so I emailed them this, nothing cool about not having an education!

Keep on grinning!

Mel xo


  1. Hey knittah buddy! Just kidding, I don't knit, but it sure made me laugh! Cheers and happy Wednesday!

  2. I can crochet a little... does that count? And I have nothing to wear! Does anyone else look in their closet and say I hate my clothes???
    Happy Wednesday! Kids are at the pool today, I am alone for a few hours. Oh Happy Wednesday to me :-)

  3. What wonderful quotes! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. Ha, I agree, add chevron to the list. And dare I say, chalky paint? Not that it's bad, just that it's so "necessary" for all projects now. :)

  5. Love these. I am also a shopping failure. I guess if I'd quit eating chocolate, I'd have more clothes that fit.


  6. Hey bloggah...funny stuff!! And whatever you do, do not take that walk;) Hang in while Jules is away!

  7. Llove them as always. Great start to my day :)


    1. Oops there's my Welshness creeping in with the 2 'Ll's. Meant Love not Llove lol! xx

  8. Oh Mel. You did it again. Too funny. Seems as if you are keeping your sense of humor while Jules is away!


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