Wednesday, 25 June 2014


How about a few hump day giggles.

That must be so confusing!

Truly not worth getting up early if all I am getting is a worm.

She'd probably die if she saw the current state of my linen closet. Elizabeth was looking for something the other day, lets just say it was not put back nicely!

That's one sad movie!

The first time toured the cellar doors in wine country, it was magical.

Mel xo


  1. Martha Stewardt would definitely die if she'd seen my closet {Cheri & myself are so not organized, but strangely Roy and Dimitri's closets are almost perfect!} Thanks for the laugh, Mel - needed that seeing as I'm up since 2am !

  2. I have the same birdie hairdo in the mornings.

  3. LOLOLOL Love them all but I must say the first really had me smiling. Cheers Mel!

  4. Ha! Though, the Breakfast Club meme makes me a little sad :(

  5. lol at the sheet. I hide mine under the pretty flat folded sheets, but I 'ain't' fooling no one. ;)

  6. Good question...what do they do in Scotland?

  7. giggling. Loved them all, but especially the Scottish dilemma and fitted sheet. How the heck DO YOU fold a fitted sheet?

  8. haha...the fitted sheet one is so me! How the heck can I see a million tutorials on this and never get it right??


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