Monday, 2 June 2014

Cabin Fever and I'm Old!

Hey Guys,

So you may (or may not) have noticed I haven't been around much lately. I have a major case of cabin fever. So far I have had at least one kid home sick every day for the last 3&1/2 weeks and Madeleine ended up in hospital for a minor surgery which lucky me got to sleep in the hospital with her for a couple of nights. I am happy to say they are all feeling a million times better and today I Finally have everything back into my normal routine, YAY!!

She did love having flowers sent though.

However I have been going slightly nuts and I decided to let you in on some of the random things I have been thinking about.

Firstly I'm old, not getting old I am old and I totally blame Samuel!

He now has a job and I have to organise a tax file number for him Um how am I old enough to have a kid who can work? Then he turned 16, WTH?? How could I possibly have a kid old enough to learn how to drive. Therefore I have told him from here on in I won't be seen in public with him, just the little two, I can pretend to be a young Mum for a while longer.

Because this is still cute

Teenagers with earphones on so they can avoid talking to you are not!

Then I messed up my radio settings and had to use the auto tune. I "found" this awesome station playing song I love....then realised it was the Gold 104 station, again WTH? How are bands like INXS, Matchbox 20 and Nirvana "Classic Rock"? How has it been over 20 years since Nevermind was released, what happened to those years, I feel like this.

On the plus side I did learn a few things, I skyped with one of my fave blog friends, Danni at Silo Hill Farm Wow that was lots of fun. I would also love to talk to everyone so if you skype hit me up with an email and we will arrange a time when we're both awake.

We've started a pile of I have 5 half finished rooms in the house, and I am really annoyed with myself. Must concentrate on one thing at a time!  I am a little like this.

It will get done...eventually.

On the plus side, now everyone is better I am ready to start rocking out some awesome ideas...well they're awesome in my head, let's see how they turn out in reality. Who knows I might even get them all done, stranger things have happened. It's Winter here now so I have plenty of time to do crafts.

How's things been for you lately?

Mel xo


  1. I am glad everybody is feeling better and you are getting your stuff together again !

  2. Oh yay for Skyping with Danni, so fun to "meet" blog friends properly! Hope Madeleine is on the mend, that must have been really stressful and tiring for you all. Confession - I love Gold 104, it's my choice of radio station in Melbourne these days. INXS ftw. xx

  3. Glad everyone is well again. Once they start driving they do make you feel old. However, you are NOT old!!! If you are old, what does that make me??? Don't answer that!!!

  4. Oh, sweet Madeleine in a hospital bed. Glad everybody's feeling better! I, too, get easily distra..Hey! glad you and Danni were able to Skype!

  5. Hey, girlie, glad your little ones are on the mend. I have been seriously lax in the blogging department myself. If we ever get moved and settled in, I may just take an extended vacation. Ha, I wish.

  6. What?? 1990 wasn't just10 years ago!! I'm so glad to hear that everyone is doing better. You're just getting older... not old. That's what I tell myself anyway. lol.

  7. I am glad everyone is healthy now!! You are definitely not old.... until they move out....wait, that makes you feel even younger! lol I hear you with all the half finished projects. That's the story of my life!

  8. I'm nodding my head as I'm reading this post! Nirvana was yesterday and I don't understand how kids just think they can get a drivers license and be all big anytime they want to.

  9. It would be so nice sometimes if we could just stop the clock, look around and take it all in. Although thatnwould be before or after the 3-1/2 weeks of sniffles and whathaveyou, right. So glad your household is all on the mend. I haven't tried skyping yet, but omg, I'm putting on my todo list! Looking forward to your newest projects, will be here when they're ready ;)

  10. So glad your babies are feeling better. So cool you and Danni skyped. I bet you laughed a little :-)

  11. Oh Mel, you make me laugh. I am sure the awesome projects you have in your head will manifest to awesome projects outside of your head. I am so glad that your family is all on the mend and feeling better. And, yes, I still think 1990 was 10 years ago too :)

  12. I'm feeling ya on this one. I heard the other day that it's been 20 years since Kurt Cobain passed, and I was thinking, 'what?? no way!' but yeah way. And I'm a grandma too..there's that little tidbit. ;)

    The shopping IS cute!!

  13. Thanks goodness the kiddos are doing better! And, I'm with you. When did we get so freaking OLD!?!

  14. Poor sweet Madeleine!! I feel ya on the feeling old thing. I remember when "I was born in 1970" made me the child of the group.....


  15. I know I'm old when I'm billing girls born in the 90s for their epidurals. WHAT?!?!?! No. You're so not old enough to be having a baby. Luckily Jullee is planning on making at least a couple more babies for me to love. ;)

  16. I'm stuck on seeing that poor, little kid in that huge hospital bed! You are not old. I got sick of being 62 and started telling myself and everyone else that I was 52. I feel an awful lot more peppy now that I've lost those 10 yrs. Give it a try!


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