Monday, 5 May 2014

DIY Tea Light Holder

You know what I love about crafty people? The way they love to share ideas. This little ripper came from a woman I met at a craft market.

So I was wondering around and out of the corner of my eye I spot a Big Shot out on a table. Of course if you're a regular around the mansion you will know that my Big Shot is my number one crafting tool. I LOVE IT! 

How much do I love it? Well if the house was on fire the kid smart enough to be holding the Big Shot would be on my first to save list!

Anyway, I got to talking with the woman, who really needs to start a blog, and we were talking about the things we've done with our Big Shots. It was like meeting a kindred spirit, we spoent almost an hour chatting. Anyway she told me of these tea lights she made and I asked her if I made it, she would mind if I shared it on my blog. Yay she said yes.

Foil (like the BBQ trays) ( i had a couple of precut squares left over from the computer cupboard)
Big Shot - you can get one here
Super Glue
Tea-Light Candle

First cut two flowers from the foil.

Then using a dab of glue, glue the centre of the flowers together. Then I put the tea light in the middle and just started working the foil into petals using my fingers. It was just a little playing until I had the shape the way I liked it. This took less than 10 minutes to make, too easy.

Wait for dark and come on baby, light my fire...or tea light!

Isn't she pretty!

DIY Delight or Disaster? So loving this, delight all the way. I'm thinking next time I am going to emboss the flowers and paint them. Wouldn't they be perfect for Spring or Mothers Day?

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. Oh Mel! That is so pretty and i bet it looks fabulous at night! Way to go and way to make a new friend! yep...she needs a blog!

  2. So pretty, Mel ! I need a Big Shot ....

  3. This is really cute Mel. Isn't it wonderful when people can share ideas? I would love one of these tools to make my own ceiling tiles. If it came in 12", I could make some from foil trays like you did for your cupboard doors on the office/ storage unit you did, which by the way was a genius idea!!

  4. this is beautiful! I bet the flame reflects all sorts of light too. Yup, your friend needs to start a blog. I'd love to see more Big Shot projects:)

  5. This is adorable! You can always get ideas by talking to other crafters. Your mind starts to click and pretty soon you're on a roll. So glad to see you excited again. Sometimes we get a block and it's hard to see the light . . . no pun intended! Lol!

  6. Hey, look at that! I like it. Delight!

  7. Your tea lights are a delight! I think the best part is how we inspire each other and this would make a perfect Mother's Day gift, colored or straight foil.

  8. Very pretty. I can just see an arrangement on your mother's day table. Except, the menfolk are supposed to do all the cooking on mother's day. Maybe you can convince them to make you a gorgeous display.

  9. This is definitely a delight! I'm amazed at the things you have made with that unit. Pinning

  10. That's so simple but so absolutely cute and perfect for many, many things!

  11. Wow. That's gorgeous. How fun you met a fellow crafter that inspired you and wanted you to share this beautiful project with your readers! Though she doesn't blog, does she read blogs? I am sure, if she reads this post, she'll be impressed with the results. Great job.


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