Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Vegemite - An Australian Icon

Hi Guys,

I shared this post over at the Inspiration Cafe last year and in case you missed it here is a dedication to the greatest love us Aussie's have, well breakfast wise anyway.

First up, I'm going to say, I hate to cook, love to bake, hate to cook! Sandwiches for me are all about the convenience, it's like fast food at home, they're not fancy, they're just fuel. However there is one sandwich spread that is as Aussie as it gets and that's Vegemite!

So what is in this brown spread we all adore, brewers yeast extract, it is a by product of beer. That's right friends, come to Australia and we will feed you the leftovers from the beer making process.

It's a salty little treat that is actually very good for you. It is the worlds richest source of vitamin b, practically calorie free and Aussie kids have been brought up on this stuff for 90 years.

Last week Vegemite celebrated it's 90th birthday and is still made to the exact recipe that started it all. 

Vegemite on toast, is all I ate for the first trimester of my pregnancies, it's also a brilliant cure for when one was a little excessive with their wine intake the night before.

Kids running and playing with joy are referred to as "Happy Little Vegemites".

If you live here and don't know this song, your citizenship needs to be revoked.

So if you happen to be walking the supermarket and you see a jar of this little delight, pick it up and put the rose in your cheeks!

So if you haven't tried this delicious spread here's what our North American friends have to say...it's hilarious!

I promise this kid doesn't know what he is talking about it's fantastic and you don't ever eat it like jam or nutella. Just a scrape with some butter or margarine. Also best hang over cure out there!
Hope you enjoyed a 'taste' of Australia.

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. I don't think you will ever convince me this stuff is good! It scares me that you feed it to small children over there! LOL!!

  2. "He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich". Now I'm going to have that Men at Work song in my head all day.
    Condensed milk with soy sauce - hilarious!

  3. LOL I really thought he was gonna woof. I am willing to try almost anything once.....except chicken feet! That will never happen...never! Next time I head to the big city, it will be on my list!

  4. I still want some, I'm intrigued!

  5. I always wondered what a "vegemite" sandwich was.. If I see one I a jar of vegemite I'll have to give it a try.

  6. Yes, I remember this post from last year. I've never even seen vegemite in the stores before. Sounds like an I Love Lucy product. Intriguing to say the least.

  7. I'm afraid I didn't take to Vegemite when I visited your fine land but I did bring back a fridge magnet of a jar of the stuff.

  8. OMG I remember this from the IC. I love that video of the challenge!! Hilarious!!!


  9. I absolutely love Vegemite. I in fact do spread it like jam or peanut butter. When i was small my mother would find me in the kitchen with a spoon and the jar of Vegemite eating it just like he did. I passed the Vegemite challenge like a boss, at the age of 2. Maybe you just have to be an Aussie to get the gloriousness that is Vegemite.


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