Tuesday, 4 February 2014

CityHooks Review

Hi all,

Late last year I was contacted by a company called Choopie who asked if I would review one of their products CityHooks. When I saw what the product was I immediately said yes.

As a mother who walk around with a stroller I seem to shoving bags and things everywhere and when you're out shopping with little ones trying to keep everything under control can be a bit of a nightmare.

I have tried cheap plastic hooks before and within a couple of weeks they've snapped right off, which is a huge pain in the butt when you're struggling along with two little ones in tow and I was hoping that these ones would be a little stronger.

The difference between these and the cheap ones I had were the 360 degree swivel so they moved with the weight of the bags. The also attached with velcro which I think helped with the weight of the bags over the regular fully plastic ones.

Well I am please to say that they have lasted the long hot summer. Usually the sun here just destroys everything but these hooks have been out in all kinds of weather including the sea air.

Here is a shot of them in action, while I was doing some Christmas shopping.

Yeah I loaded that baby up and they held under the weight! Can I say it made for a much more pleasant shopping experience. Well for me anyway, Max likes to protest when I'm out.

Loved the CityHook and I think they would make a great shower gift or part of a gift for the new Mum. You can purchase them online here and for $9.99 they are an affordable gift idea.

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. Looks like a great product Mel! I love that you tested them out for awhile before the review. Smart girl! You really know how to weigh down a stroller while your shopping. I guess men develop that dislike of shopping pretty early on!

  2. Those hooks looks very handy, something I could have used many moons ago, Ha, Max brings back memories of those days!

  3. These are great! They make a lot of things now to ease the hassles of rearing children. I looked Choppie up to see where they were located and it seems they are all over the world - a progressive company with new products to share. It's really fun receiving and trying out new things.

  4. This is a great product, Mel ! Now, where were these little gadgets when my kids were little ??? {they're also only 21 months apart}

  5. Perfect timing for this review! I was looking for a shower gift idea for someone who is expecting her second and will have two little ones to haul about.

  6. Where were these when I was pushing around a stroller? Great review.

  7. Those hooks look pretry nifty! I could see using them on a camping or hiking trip as well. Might be that Max, like most boys, just doesn't do shopping well:(

  8. Oh man, I wish they would have had these when my kids were in a stroller. Really cool idea.

  9. They look great. Wish I had them when I was pushing a pram around!

  10. Where were these when I needed them. What a great product.

    Poor Max :). He already doesn't like shopping.

  11. Love it! I had a big caribiner (how do you spell that?!?!) on my stroller for ages. And then it broke.

    And everything fell onto the floor in the mall.

    This looks like a sturdy little piece of equipment. Love it!

  12. Those are pretty cool. I will definitely keep that in mind for a shower gift! Awe poor Max hates shopping almost as much as my hubby.

  13. I would have used these happily back in our stroller days too! Very useful/nice!

  14. Those look great! I'm going to have to snag a few. :)


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