Thursday, 9 January 2014

My Favourite Posts of 2013, aka the Delights!

So I showed the posts that you and by that i mean mostly pinterest peeps, loved best in 2013 now I though I would share my favourite posts of 2013.

I have no particular order but these are my faves from last year

The Peg Board Door, still my favourite thing about my craft room!

The Wire Wrap Ring, I think this is really pretty!

My First Dress, I am so proud of this and I really hope to do some more sewing in 2014.

When I showed you all how "perfect" I was at the celebration of one year of blogging.

My Organising Buckets, as much as I love them I should be using them more!

These Balloon Balls I made for the little ones, they just loved them and I have to tell you those balloons last for ages in them I eventually had to pop them and replace them.

Of course then I told you how to be the perfect parent, you know, like I am...

Then there was that time I made a real bag, that I actually thought looked pretty damn good!

Only one Room reveal for the entire year...I really need to work on that this year, My Craft Room

But the thing I loved most (and sadly I let the kids play with it and well it now looks pretty sad The Train Table.

Well they're my delights for 2013, hopefully there will be plenty more this year!
Btw still on holidays and while you guys are freezing we are about to melt!
Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. Every single one of them was a delight to see and read! I especially love the parenting one! And...I wish my craft room peg board looked that good!

  2. hahahaha at the last one. Kids are supposed to play with train tables. ;) I love all of these too, and sewing is fun!!

  3. Wow. What a wonderful wrap up of some fantastic projects. You've inspired me and made me laugh through 2013. I can't wait to see what delights you create in 2014.

  4. I want a craftroom like yours ! And I enjoyed the parenting post bunches !!! But all your own favorites are awesome and definitely delights :-)

  5. My fave was your first dress, but the bloggiversary post had me rolling on the floor! Did I somehow miss your craft room reveal?! I watched the progress & then I thought you stopped working on it for a while. You know, like I do?! Omwto see it!!

  6. You have had a busy year, wish I had a craft room half as organized as yours. Looking forward to seeing what's next. Have fun with the family. :)

  7. Your favourites were mine, too! You such a funny and creative gal and it's amazing that you can fit all that in around caring for your family. I take my hat off to you!

  8. Following along has been such a delight, you had some fabulous projects. Kudos for getting the whole craft room done!! What I love best is how you really made it your own room. It seems like you didn't go anywhere but your own imagination for the "style" of the room and that's just TOO COOL. By the way, that peg board door is such a great idea, I will HAVE to put that one to use around here. I'll be tuned in for what's to come this year, Mel and looking forward to it ~ Amy

  9. I agree, all of these are delights! Your balls were amazeballs HAHAHAHAHA. Your buckets with your little matryoshkas are adorable. And your parenting advice has really helped me to be a better parent. What a great year.

  10. I'm loving the pegboard on the back of the door idea. Great way to make use of hidden space! When you have one GREAT revel, why would you need more? Your craft room makes me jealous! Looks fabulous!

  11. A delightful year with you Mel!! You really had a lot of wonderful posts in 2013. If only I could have read your perfect parenting post years ago instead of last year :( hehe

  12. Too my cool Australian friend: You are cool. :P Happy 2014!!



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