Wednesday, 18 December 2013

We Love Melbourne - Botanical Gardens

Hi Guys,

Most of you know that I live in Australia, but more specifically I live in Melbourne which for the last three years according to The Economist Intelligence Unit Survey is the most liveable city in the world. Their criteria is based on these 5 elements

  • Stability
  • Healthcare
  • Culture and environment
  • Education
  • Infrastructure

  • After my trip to the Open range Zoo last week I thought I would share some of the fun things to do around my home town from time to time to and why we think that it's a well deserved title. (don't worry I'm not going to bore you with healthcare, stability and education)

    A couple of weeks ago we took the little two for a picnic to the Botanical Gardens. It's one of our favourite places to visit. For starters is free, always a bonus, great walking paths, beautiful scenery, lovely picnic spots but the kids favourite place of all is the The Ian Potter Foundation Children's Garden.

    But first we had a spot of lunch on the benches provided.

    Then off the the playground, the kids adore this living tree house.

    Of all the things they love most is the little river that flows through the garden, it's a great place to splash about.

    We really should have brought along some spare clothes, Max had an absolute ball. The garden is a great place for sensory play.

    Then we wandered about looking at the beautiful plants that, blooming in the last days of Spring.

    Julian managed to focus right in on the bird crap....

    After a few hours of walking and seeing the gardens we declared it was time to go home, which did not go down too well with Max who decided he would take a quick run to have one last look.

    So if you're in Melbourne and you're looking for something fun, not to mention free, to do with the kids, the gardens are always beautiful. This is a place we visit often, regardless of the season it's always a happy place to visit.

    Thanks for reading,

    Mel xo


    1. What a pretty place! Fun to see all the beautiful flowers in the middle of our winter here! Looks like the kids had a great time and can't blame Max for running back in!

    2. Love seeing a bit of Australia ! We have so many botanical gardens around, but I have never been to one :/

    3. I'm with the adorable Max. I would have ran back with him! Such a beautiful place!

    4. Beautiful! I love botanical gardens, and would love to visit yours some day. Ah, some day....

    5. What a wonderful place to share with us. Love seeing the gardens and looks like your kids had a ball interacting with all the fun things kids can get into there. You are creating a lifetime of great memories for them.

    6. The look on the kid's faces says it all! That's a beautiful spot to be able to take the kids and better yet, free. Thanks for the tour. Do some more so I can find my way around when I get there!

    7. Your kids are adorable. And I love bird crap.


    8. I can't wait to move to Melbourne and have you hang with me at all these gorgeous places. I am planning on moving to the nursery by the they have a house for rent there?

    9. Looks like a beautiful place and it's especially nice when there's a place for kids to roam and explore. This will go down on my Melbourne bucket list :)

    10. I like that it's free and that the kids can get right in there and feel the items, even play in the water a bit. The pics are great!


    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, between housework and 5 kids, this is the only thing I get out of bed for ;)

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