Thursday, 19 December 2013

Snow Man Candy Jar

Hi Guys,

Thanks to the lovely Emily at Nap-Time Creations, I'm joining up with a bunch of lovely and talented ladies to bring you a A Crafty Christmas.

I love a good "trash chic" project and Christmas seems to bring it out of me, so I thought why not try and do another trash chic week but make it completely Christmas themed. Let's be honest no matter how many hand made gifts you make Christmas is the one time our hands seem to be forever in our pockets!

This Snow Man candy jar cost me $0 the perfect price (if you don't include the actual candy)

So we were eating salsa the other night and as I was rinsing the jar for the recycling bin I got to thinking that it kind of looked like a mini fish bowl and I thought about making one of those gum ball machines that I have seen on Pinterest. Then I though hmmm it also looks like a head so my snowman was born.


  • Empty Salsa Jar 
  • Small Terracotta pot (stolen straight from Jule's gardening stuff, shhhh!)
  • Paint
  • Vinyl Scraps
  • E6000 glue

First I painted the pot white

Glued the jar on.

Cut out his face and scarf with the vinyl scraps, although you could paint it if you don't have vinyl or a cutting machine.

DIY Delight or Disaster? Ummm no need to ask I am thrilled with this little guy, how cute is he and this is such a simple project, Delight! If anyone wants the SVG file just shoot me a comment with an email address and I am more than happy to send it. If you have any issues commenting contact me on Facebook.

Since this is the closest I will get to snow over the holidays, I think I will stick hi in the freezer and then put my head in there so I understand the type of cold you're all experiencing! (Please note, that last line was a LIE!!!)

Don't forget to check what the other ladies have been up to over at Nap - Time Creations!

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. I think its super cute!!! I'll take a candy please ;o) Thanks so much for being a part of my series!!! I just spread your blog all over the social media world... lovely! EMily

  2. I love it, Mel ! So adorably cute !! I want one for my kitchen ;-)

  3. I wish salsa inspired me. This turned out ADORABLE. Love it!

  4. I agree with Amy! You draw inspiration everywhere. That's a fabulous talent in itself:) love this guy.

    If you brag about your nice summer weather again I'll throw a snowball at you!! Lol!

  5. I do not do vinyl, so I would have to bust out the paint, but I think this was a very clever use of your recycling. And no, it's nothing like what we're feeling now. Although, at 30 F, it actually feels comfortable compared with 7 F...and yes, we were that cold. Cold enough to freeze your eyelashes off.

  6. Too adorably cute!!! Pinning, of course, and I wish I had a door I could put my head thru to get some summer weather right now!! :P

  7. So wrong to rub in your gloriously warm weather...but your snowman's so cute it doesn't matter. Definite delight!!!


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