Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Name Bracelet

Is it vain that I have a stack of stuff with my name on it? Well here is one more which I am totally loving right now. I think they would make a beautiful gift for the upcoming holiday season.

To make one you will need
Antique Bronze Single-side Two Rings Cola Gap Pendant  I got mine from Wholeport
Jump Rings
Paper or print out of choice
Xyron Sticker Maker click link for more details
Weldbond Glue
1/2-Inch, Circle Punch

Make the stickers, I chose these pretty alphabets I bought from etsy so long ago I dont know where I got them from.

Punch them out and stick in place.

Using the weldbond I glued the glass in place

Once dried I attached them with jump rings

Then added the chain and the clasp.

A quick easy project that can be changed millions of ways to suit the individual.

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. Well...with a name like Danni, I never had anything with my name on it, so I think this is very cool!

  2. I like this, Mel ! Should work with my name as well :-) Pinned & shared on G+ !

  3. Is it weird that I have a bunch of jewelry with your name on it? :)

    This turned out adorable.

  4. I have 3 letters too! Totally saves time when you're personalizing!! Lol. Love your bracelet Mel!!

  5. It would work with 'Rose,' I'm sure of it. :) And it's nice!

  6. I like that pink posies pattern too, of whatever it is that is behind the jewelry in the first pic. That's really pretty. :)

  7. Really pretty, Mel. I like the monogrammed idea. I should try to apply it more to my own surroundings.

  8. Well done Mel!! It is very pretty. I was going to be witty and say, "Who's LEM" but I won't cuz that's just silly! Cheers

  9. I absolutely agree that it would make a perfect gift for a love one this Christmas. It is really cute and such a brilliant idea. And rest assured that I will give this idea a try too.


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