Friday, 20 December 2013

Craft Room Caddy

Even though my craft room is finished, I still need to add to it from time to time.

I needed a little caddy to keep all my seed bead jars together and a while back you might remember that I made this one below for fathers day but never got around to finishing it.

Well I decided to start over and make it for my craft room. Have you ever made one of those wooden things, so fun!

Glue Stick
(Click to read more) Craft Tool Box 
Craft Knife
Scrap book Paper

Spread the glue all over the wooden pieces in a circular motion making sure it is entirely covered then place down on the paper.

Cut away the excess around the holes, sorry doing this late afternoon not the greatest of light.

Then put it together.

Diy Delight or Disaster? Well I like it except I really should have painted it first, I am not overly keen on the plain wood showing through, so I am on the fence, I don't think it's a disaster but it could have been better.

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. I like the different colours that you used but I must agree the wood grain just doesn't make it pop. You might just have to get a thin paintbrush and do some painting, Good Luck. I'm sure if you leave it a while you'll work out what will look best. Apart from that I think its a DELIGHT

  2. I love it Mel! I particularly love that it comes unassembled, so you can decorate it more easily! I'd probably hot glue some red ribbon to those exposed ends if they bother you!

  3. I like the look of the wood, it makes it feel rustic. I like rustic. :)

  4. I love this! You could cover your ends with washi tape. A great storage project!!

  5. Yeah, what Turtle said!! :)


  6. I love your craft caddy- how cool that they are disassembled so you can fancy them up easier. How about gluing a little ribbon or rope to the edges? Or bling- yeah, add some bling! :D

  7. Oh, I need one {or three!} of these ! Get some iron-on tape from the hardware store for those open strips if it really bothers you ;-)

  8. Yeah, what Danni and Turtle said. :) I was thinking get a brush and paint and just go for it on those exposed bits. You could GLITTER IT! My sis told me a funny thing about glitter, it's the herpes of crafting. snicker snicker snort snort. Right then. Cuteness.

  9. I love it! I like all the ideas... Glitter, tape, bling- I'm undecided! I know you'll figure out something extra crafty:)

  10. I love it the way it is, Mel, you know just a little rustic/ industrial (if that's even a category lol) but either way, it's really cute and sure fits your craft room style. Love the idea of a craft box kit, too.

  11. Love it. Looks like your procrastination worked to your advantage :). I really like the wood showing through. It's rustic and charming.


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