Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Gamer water bottles - Repost

Morning all,

This is one of my very first posts, but with many of you celebrating Father's Day and it being warmer in those areas I thought I would re share it as a gift idea.

Today I shipped my first born baby off to a foreign country. It actually hit me harder than I thought it would, I was feeling sick once he walked through the departure gate.

He on the other hand used my fears to guilt me into making him something.

If you happen to spend any significant time with younger teenage boys, you'll know that they really only have two things on their mind, Xbox and food. The latest must have game for my boys is Skyrim.

 A few weeks ago I made the babies and Elizabeth blankets and Samuel says to me, "So if you're not girly, little or cute, no one wants to make stuff for you." It was in the morning before school and my reply was along the lines of "Just get ready, we need to leave".

Then I got to thinking, the he's right, since the boys started high school, I rarely make them anything at all, and I have an attack of the mother guilt. 

Gauntlet thrown and I picked it up - like a boss! 

So today I was at the supermarket and as I was leaving they had these two water bottle at the register marked down. Thus the Skyrim water bottle was born!

Water Bottle
Cutting machine

I googled the Skyrim logo, and got the PDF here, if your interested in Skyrim you have to check out what they used the image to make it's AMAZING. You have to see it to believe it!

First I re sized and cut it on my machine, then transferred, how easy is that!

So when the boys got home from school, I asked them to close their eyes and hold out their hands, like I used to do with them when they were little, they obviously gave me the eye roll for being such a dork, and  I placed them in their hands.

When they opened their eyes, Samuel says "Oh wow that's mad", which I translated to, he liked it and I got an "awesome" from Jack. This kind of response is huge, when they got to high school they forgot how to speak.
These days all they seem to do is mumble and it drives me CRAZY!

I truly hope they like them, because this is as close as they're getting to me paying for the actual Xbox game.

DIY Delight or Disaster?

A delight, simple, easy and cheap.

Are your kids (or husbands) gamers? Do you have a roster or rules associated with time limits or days they can play?

 Personally I find them annoying, but then I'm a Mum that's my job.

Thanks for reading, now I better get back to the laundry, you know I love to procrastinate.

Mel xo

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  1. Great little gift idea for the men in our lives! Very cute and green, I might add :) ~ Amy

  2. What a great idea Mel! I have a similar bottle myself, and I think I'll decorate it with something pink.

  3. I must get me a vinyl cutter! This would be great for Dimitri & Jacobus, with all their energy drinks and whatnot, which they take to gym :-)

  4. Great idea Mel. Its not easy to impress a teenager. The mumbling and the rolling of the eyeballs ... gotta love them :-)

  5. I have no idea who Skyrim is but these bottles look so cool. What a fun project to make for teen boys! And, I am impressed you were able to send Samuel off on an adventure. I wonder if it will get easier for you with the others?

  6. I loved this post first time around and still do! Really fab idea! Skylanders is the game of choice around here (at the moment!)

    Hugs, E xx

  7. Delight. And I remember my son wanting that game tons too. He was working though (older teen) and paid for it himself.

    These turned out great. Good for you taking that gauntlet and running w/it like a boss. ;)

  8. What a great idea! I just redid my water bottle that looks quite similar for my workouts. I was tired of just a plain one...I love your idea for gifts. I'm sure your sons love them.

  9. Awesome project Mel! This would certainly make a great Fathers Day gift too!

  10. Luckily the only gaming we do, is as a family when we play the wii together. I think this is rad!

  11. Still awesome...although that boy has grown!!

  12. AWESOME!!!
    But then you're most definitely the Queen of awesome Mel!
    And by the way - just so you know - they DO start talking in sentences - really soon actually -
    Can I borrow the car?
    Can I have 20 dollars?
    Can I stay out till midnight?
    Oh yeah - the sentences are coming lol


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