Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Faux Beadboard Storage Boxes - Or the one where I stole from the Amys

Morning All,

So one of the best things about blogging is meeting other bloggers and seeing their creativity. I have to admit all creative projects spark something in me. I love seeing the process behind what people do and how they execute it.....So I can totally rip 'em off!

A few weeks back my blog friend Amy from Stow and TellU posted these really cool boxes. Which you can see here

As I read I looked at my storage system here and as I mentioned previously I have been on a big clean up in my craft room.

It wasn't pretty. Then I was carting an old beer box and I noticed that they hold nearly 14 kg, and I thought they'd be perfect.

So I followed Amy's tutorial over here but I decided not to make the top, since they were on a high shelf.

Then I just added a label.

Storage solved and all for free, please don't concern yourself, Julian didn't drink 5 slabs of beer, the lovely guys down the local bottle shop saved a few for me so I could get all the same size.

Even though it's well past Easter I'm going to show you what I made using my other favorite Amy's (While Wearing Heels) tutorial for Madeleine for Easter. Please excuse his wrinkled face, I used iron glitter for his nose and do you think I could get rid of those wrinkles..No! However Amy's tutorial here (and free pattern) uses embroidery so wrinkles are a Mellywood special only. Also I am a very average sewer, this pattern is really easy and oh so cute, go over and pin it for next Easter.

DIY delight or Disasters? Well thanks to a couple of Amys I am delighted to have been able to create fun and pretty projects and if you don't already know them, jump on over and meet them here. Thanks ladies for inspiring me over my break.

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo

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  1. I love how plain boxes got such a pretty transformation, a project right down my alley!

  2. Great designer box look without the high price! Love how you can customize to the room. You are really making me want one of those cutters. I'm off to check out the tutorial on the rabbit baskets!

  3. Way to go, Mel! It's totally organized now :-)

  4. You make me smile. I love that I am part of your title and part of your inspiration. I adore those Matryoshka vinyl labels, each project you use them in makes me love them even more. The ale boxes turned storage boxes are brilliant. So, is your craft room organized and gleaming clean now?

  5. I love those M...(cannot pronounce) nesting doll labels! The storage boxes look so neat and pretty. I wish I could actually make several and USE them. That would be my problem.

  6. Great use of those boxes - And really love those labels! Great rip off, Mel...delight!

  7. I love those labels. LOVE THEM! Tell me, are you using a cameo to cut them out?

    And between you, me, and the internet, I think that both of those Amys are totally great; you picked a good pair as your inspiration! :)

  8. Great idea, I should make use of all those nappy boxes and transform them! Love your little bunny - the glitter nose is the perfect touch!

    Have a lovely day, Estelle xx

  9. I need a truckload of those boxes- they look great. Bunny is cute & sweet, and the glitter nose is the perfect finishing touch. Delights, both! :)

  10. You are an amazing sewer!!!! That little bunny turned out great. Love your bead board boxes. I am still waiting for a big sale so I can buy some for my bedroom. I think I may have to rip you off Cheers Mel.

  11. Love Love the boxes! I need to make some for my open cabinets in my bathroom. I've got 4 boxes collected so far. I love the beadboard idea.
    You might try a flat iron on your bunny... just tell him it won't hurt. He is adorable :)

  12. What a great storage tip. I like the design you put on the boxes.
    Thanks so much for linking up at the Real Family Fun link party! Hope to see you next week.

  13. Mel, your boxes turned out fabulous and love those Russian doll labels! So glad your room is coming together, and that bunny is just adorable!!...I like his wrinkles!! Thank you for including us Amys in your post and title, what a delight! I'll be sure to go check out her post to see how you made him. I'll bet Madeleine's in love!!

  14. Those Amy's are awesome!!! I love both of these projects Mel!


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