Monday, 22 April 2013

Inspiration Cafe Heritage Food - ANZAC Biscuits - Mellywood's Mansion

It's week 5 of our Food From Our Heritage Series at the Inspiration Cafe.  This week I'm sharing a recipe  that represents the pride of Australia.

Head on over to the cafe and learn a little about the Aussie's in World War One and how this easy little biscuit came to represent home to many a soldier.  You know the drill....just click on the Cafe door below and I'll take you there.
If you have a recipe from your heritage or one that has special meaning to you or your family, we'd love it if you would write a post about it and share it at our first ever link party at the Inspiration Cafe, beginning April 29.  It will be fun to see what everyone shares! 


  1. Oh yum. I'll have to go check out the recipe.

  2. Thanks, Mel! On my way over to the recipe :-)

  3. Just been over for a look, you know us Brits love our biccies too :)

    Really wonderful post Mel, loved learning a bit of the history and the poem is so moving.

    Great job hun, Estelle xx

  4. Those did look delicious, Mel! The history was sad. I hate that such drastic things had to take place to ensure something that should be a given, like freedom, could be put into place.


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