Friday, 12 April 2013

Bottle Cap Jewelry - Blast From The Past

Morning All,

One more blast from the past, even though this was a holiday project by swapping out the images you can make this anytime. A really fun kid's craft during the school holidays.


Happy Monday,

It's Mel from Mellywood's Mansion here today and I'm sharing a quick easy and very cute Valentine gift.

I have to admit I'm not huge on Valentines Day and don't usually do much, but my daughter has just started the new school year and she is feeling a little nervous about new classes, teachers and friends, so I thought I would make her something to cheer her up a bit.


  • Flattened Bottle caps - (buy or make your own)
  • Epoxy Dots
  • Bottle cap images I bought these ones here
  • Paper
  • Jump rings
  • Clasp
  • Double sided tape
  • 1 inch punch

1. Attach the clasp to two bottle caps using the jump rings, then add the caps to fit wrist, for Elizabeth who is a tall 10 year old, I used 6. 

 2. Using the double sided tape, stick down the image and place the epoxy dot over the top

It's that easy, and since I had a few more images I added a pendant and a key ring to her little gift.

Playing with bottle caps is so much fun and you can make them to fit anyone. Personally I wouldn't give them to anyone younger than four, in case of choking but I guess it depends on the child.

Thanks for reading

Mel xo

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  1. These are so cute and they look quite easy to make!!! Just enough bling to satisfy a 10 year old girl:) ~ Amy

  2. That's so cute! I love bottle caps and my daughter would love to have that bracelet!

  3. You aren't a big fan of Valentine's day? How did I not know this? I love Valentine's day...and I love this bottle cap jewelry blast from your past.

  4. On my list this weekend is to buy some bottle caps, I want to make some hair bows. :) hope things are well!!

  5. Love these bottle cap crafts of yours, Mel!

  6. My 14-yr. old would like this, especially if she was the one making it.

  7. I actually had a case of Viagra to sell so I stopped by, but then I saw your message, and realized there were no sales to be had here. Not wanting to waste a trip, I spied your amazing jewelry and was impelled to comment on how awesome your bottle caps are! Cheers Mel!!

  8. These are so fun! I hope to try this some day...and by that I mean, probably never because making jewelry scares me. So cute though. I should put my big girl panties on and give it a try.

  9. Hi there, your newest follower who has been getting some good laughs from your comments that I have seen around "blog-land". I really do not like that term but anyway I had to get over here and check out your blog. Glad I did!!

  10. Well .. I am sure loving that bottle cap tutorial sister.. I now know what to do with all those caps.. I knew they were good for something.. My daughter Kenzie will love them .. HUGs and TOODLES... lol you know that's my word of the week .month maybe year lol ...

  11. How cute! Great tutorial, thanks for sharing :)

    I wanted to invite you to our weekly Meet & Greet Blog Hop! It runs from Friday nights, till the end of Monday - Come link up if you have some time this weekend and meet some other bloggers :)

    Our question this week is, "Who was your first celebrity crush?"

  12. So sweet, Mel! Don't know if you like golf...but congrats on Australia's first Masters winner. :) I love Adam

  13. These are sooo cute! I love the owls.. Now I want to make bottle cap key chains for all my peeps :)

  14. You do such a good idea with the bottle craft caps. We had bottles yesterday, but I don't think we thought to save the caps, ugh! They'd probably make for a cute homemade checker set too...gah, I'm thinking crafty right this second. I blame you!! :)

    Sharing your post. :)


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