Thursday, 28 February 2013

Let's Play - Wardrobe Door Makeover

Morning all,

The next step in doing the boys room has been completed. Not only did they approve, I had their eyes lit up and got some rather odd comments - sadly my ability to understand teenage boys was a skill I left behind in High School. The doors according to them are "Sick!" and they are "Stoked" - I can see that all that English homework is really paying off...

So the doors were very shabby, I looked into replacing them but when I toyed with the idea of spending close to $200 on new doors, which will look just as shabby when they boys are finished with them, I decided it wasn't a good investment.

Then I was cleaning up the Xbox games and I just started looking at the case and bingo, how about I make them into game covers.

So if you remember way back last year when I made these for my boys based on their favorite game Skyrim

I checked if this was still the game of choice, they decided that they wanted 2 of the Elder Scroll games and even though it's only a pc game they wanted Guild Wars 2, so that's what I did.

The best part is, these games are all based on ancient times and the nicks and scratches only enhanced the finished look (Score one for Mum!)

After cleaning the wardrobes I decided that I needed a warning on each door - my joke on them!

DIY Delight or Disaster? Searching for 5 different fonts, fiddly weeding not to mention "tips and hints" from the boys to get to say Delight. My boys love this, I am currently the coolest Mum going...that will change quickly I'm sure! The photos are really disappointing that room is so dark, lighting is a huge issue in there.

While I think this is only something that would be coveted by other gamers, what do you think?

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! You are brilliant!!! You've done it again Mel! No wonder the boys think you're cool, the doors look fantastic! You should be really proud of yourself...

  2. I am not a gamer but I think that this are the coolest. I can see why the boys are stoked and think they are sick. Seriously, cool. Great job!


    My boys play those games too. The language you grow into and pick up as time goes on....and then they change it.

  4. These turned out soooo well. Great job, I think they're pretty sick myself.

  5. You are the coolest mom, Mel! Always so creative. My son would have loved it if we turned his closet into his favorite game case!

  6. That's great, Mel! I'm sure they love it :-) I can not even keep up with all the games they play {and worst is Roy!} - that's his way to "relax" ... mmm, not when he messes up, one would think he was killed in real life, so, relaxing ... ?? Think not!

  7. I'm completely stoked over these sick doors! This is the sickest DIY delight that I've seen yet for a boy's room! You rocked it Mel. Pinning.

  8. These are sick! (said w/the highest of compliment attached to the words ;) ).

  9. Mel these are fabulous! I know nothing about X Box games, but I'm sure every boy in the world is jealous of these! So cool! and apparently sick and stoke-worthy!

  10. Wow - sick!!! ( I thought the word for cool things was " Sweet " - so either that's North American or I'm really out of it lol
    Do your creative juices ever slow down?

  11. Definitely a delight - my oldest would love this! Totally sick ;)

    Have a great day hun, Estelle xx

  12. One of the best (sickest) door makeovers for a boy that I have seen yet. Way to go you Cool Mom!!

  13. You are one cool mom! I think they are awesome!

  14. I have no idea what those games are, but the doors look amazing! You really are the coolest mom!

  15. I think they are fantastic! I am sure your boys were really excited that you did this for them. Neat idea for a boys husband would probably really like them if I wouldn't object (he is really into gaming still).
    Thanks so much for sharing at my Real Family Fun link party.


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