Monday, 7 January 2013

Inspiration Cafe - Steamlining the Entryway - Improved Organization

Evening all,

As I mentioned earlier today I'm joining the lovely ladies of the Inspiration Cafe. On today's menu Sherry from Pondered Primed Perfected shares her tips and a tutorial on how she tamed the entryway clutter.

Here's a sneak peak at today's post 


It's that time of year.

It happens every year...the feeling overtakes me and I just have to take action.  I feel the need to purge, organize, and streamline our environment.  I start analyzing our spaces to see what is working well and what needs to be improved on.  

We built this storage system in our entryway about a year ago by taking two tall vertical shelves and adding a bench seat in between to create a mudroom style entryway.   Some wainscot wallpaper and hooks completed the space.  The perfect place to hang your coat, drop your keys, and kick off your shoes when you come in.  

Isn't it gorgeous, stop by the Inspiration Cafe and check out all the great tips Sherry has shared and don't forget to follow on Facebook.

Thanks for reading

Mel xo


  1. That is gorgeous. Between you and Danni...I definitely have to go and check this out for sure!

  2. This is such an amazing idea. It looks so beautiful! You are a wonderful addition to the inspiration cafe. :)


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