Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A Recap - Where We Are At!

Morning All,

The last recap is the painting of the boys room, this is where I stopped the home improvements to do Christmas stuff. The theme for the room was going to be Retro Gamer but after further discussion with the boys they requested that it have some modern touches so I'll see what I can do, however with the kids at home it's somewhat difficult to get stuff done in their room, so I am going to try and get a few small things done and concentrate on the larger things once the go back to school.

********************************************************************************* Morning All,

Yesterday I finally painted the boys room and wow what a difference!

So it started like this.

Then I painted and decided to try moving the furniture around and Now it looks like this:

I can't believe how much brighter it is! It made a huge difference to the light issues I have. The closet doors will need to be replaced with sliding doors with the bed in that position, but it has given me more space and better lighting.

When I woke up yesterday morning I believed I was an honest person, but as I painted the last coat on the last wall I realized that I had lied all day. It's funny how painting gives you time to reflect on things. Here are the lies I told yesterday:

1. At 7 am Julian got up for work, he said that the babies had been fed and the kids were giving them breakfast - I told him I was getting up, I stayed in bed for another 20 minutes.

2. As he left at 7:30 he said "you will tape up the room properly", I said "yes", but I didn't.

3. The boys asked if they would be able to decide on all my projects, I said yes, another lie

4. I lied to myself when I said I wouldn't eat the last two truffles for breakfast

5. I lied to Elizabeth when I said I didn't know where my hairbrush was, I hate sharing my brush and it forced her to find her own.

6. I lied to Jack when I said I wouldn't remove all his books - I need to find somewhere for them we bought him a kindle to help with the issue, but he still won't give up his paper versions. I will be putting them away in the garage.

However, it's true that you reap what you sow because I was viciously lied to!

1. I bought a "Point and Paint" supposedly will paint a room in an hour - Big Fat Lie, within 10 minutes I got the roller and brush out.

2. The worst one, 1 coat paint - HUGE lie, I had to paint two coats I was so annoyed. The only good thing about it was I got the paint for free so at least I hadn't paid for expensive lying paint.

Today, I'm exhausted but happy with the room and determined to never lie again - except about my online purchases because you know, everyone needs a vice!

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. Wow Mel! It looks like there's so much light in that room now. You are too funny! Now that I think about it... I've been lied to by paint as well. I don't think I've ever been able to get away with one coat.

  2. the room looks really bright! I see you were dreaming up a blog post while you were painting, lol!

  3. Good luck with the no lying thing. I think the boys' room looks fantastic!!

  4. This is about where I originally joined your home improvement journey. I still can't believe what a big difference the painting made. I can't wait to see what else you do with this room!

  5. Amberly's favorite part of this post: Mel's phrase "expensive lying paint." XO

  6. Wow, crazy how much a coat of paint can do to change a room. Too bad I Hate painting because my house could use some fresh paint too.

  7. Unbelievable how a little paint can brighten up a room :-) I like the colors you chose! Fortunately, I am very forgetful, so I can not remember my lies..lol until someone reminds me of something :-) {but my favorite is when Cheri, 19, ask for my clothes or make-up - I now reply with "it's in the wash" and "it's finished" Have to, otherwise I don't see said items again!

  8. Definitely brighter...now I can't wait to see the next step girl! Good lord...I lie to myself about chocolate all the time! It's a white lie for sure!

  9. Get busy, girlie- I want to see what you do next! :) By the way, all paints are lying paints, and all those "time saving" painting gadgets are a waste of money! There, my rant for the day!


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