Thursday, 20 December 2012

No Sew Santa Sack

Morning All,

Here is the quickest Santa Sack you can make no sew no glue no prep - Awesome!

It's a tradition in many Australian families to have the presents placed in a Santa Sack, according to my grandmother it was because way back in the day people couldn't afford to buy wrapping paper so the kids would place a pillow case at the end of their bed and Santa would come and fill it with their presents.

I made sacks for the older three, years ago, which they have used for more than a decade but the two little ones didn't have one so I wanted something quick and easy. It doesn't get quicker than this!


  1. Iron the pillow case
  2. Print the graphic you wish to use
  3. Iron it on and you're done

It's that simple folks! However I tried to do the dark fabric transfer for Max and the iron was too hot his ended up looking like this

So I'm going to get some white fabric and iron another transfer onto that then place it over the top of the existing one. After I created these, Amberly at Bingo Buttercup crafts made a really sweet vintage style printable which I'll be using - you can see that one here

Now I want to share a trick with you that my Auntie taught my cousin who shared it with me, when you make stockings or Santa sacks, make each child two. Why? One is empty for decoration but for the rest of the year the spare one goes into storage and as you find things you fill them up and low and behold, Christmas Eve all you have to do is swap them over - Brilliant time saver!

DIY Delight or Disaster? well clearly one of each but this is a really easy project and once again I want to thank Rita of Pink Polkadot Creations and Amberly of Bingo Buttercup Crafts for sharing their free printable.

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo

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  1. Cute, cute, cute! I was just last night watching an Australian actress talk about hanging pillow cases from her bed on Christmas instead of the US traditional stockings from the fireplace.

  2. Great idea! Wrapping gifts is wasteful task that I always hand off to others. For many years, I would hand out gifts in bags. I don't mean pretty gift bags, but store bags. Yes, just another reason I am known as the odd one.

  3. Great idea! T-shirt transfer paper is great like that, but I do find it temperatmental at times. I plan to do some fancy sewing for christmas sacks for next was on my to-do list this year but was one of those jobs that got sacrificed along the way!

  4. Aaarrrgggh I totally forgot to use a pillowcase!!!! We had pillowcase sacks growing up and my mom painted a kitten on mine - I still remember! Now why don't I remember for my own kids! Totally doing this next year!

  5. Mel! That is so adorable. I love these. Sorry that the transfer to the red pillow case didn't work. What a fun project and what a great tradition.

  6. What a fantastic idea Mel!!! Love it ( and how do you get the time with little ones to do these things????

  7. That is such a cute idea. :) That quote is just adorable.

  8. Ok, I really like this idea! I'm a terrible (impatient) wrapper, wish I had known about this when my kids were little! I wonder what hubby's coworkers would think if they got a pillow case with their Christmas goodies in it!?

  9. Oh how fun! I love the idea of Santa Sacks! I also love the Seuss saying on there. You come up with the best stuff girl! And the tip about swapping them out is a great one....thanks for passing it on!

  10. This looks really cute! And I love the tip about making two...that would help to keep me organised for sure! Merry Christmas!

  11. What a clever easy idea!! Pillow cases! Pinning! Now following via GFC:)

  12. We were just talking about tackling a transfer project, and this looks like a cool one! Thank you!

  13. Mel, this is great!! I had no idea one could do something like this! There are so many cool images that would be fun to transfer even onto a pillow or something. I love the image you chose for this project, too. Very cute!!

  14. I want to do this for my grand kids! You had me at no sew, no glue. Thanks so much for sharing at Throwback Thursday. It's simply adorable!


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