Friday, 23 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving.

Hi All,

Just a quick pop in to say Happy Thanksgiving. It's not a holiday celebrated here but I have to say I love the idea of saying thank you.

So a big thanks to all of you, for laughing, congratulating and commiserating with me as I go on my journey to a better home.

I'm also grateful to reality TV shows like The Biggest Loser, who taught me that the word journey is bound to bring tears to the eyes of anyone who hears/reads it. I feel I haven't used it often enough and plan to rectify that.

Enjoy your turkey!

Mel xo


  1. Well thank you Mel! And what kind of journey are you planning??!!

  2. Happy thansgiving and the weekend with your family

  3. *in my best gypsy voice*

    You will take a long & great journey.....


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