Monday, 19 November 2012

Australia - The Best Country in the World!

 G'day Mates,

Yep I'm going with a full on Aussie feel today, since I'm doing something out of the ordinary and sharing some pics of my weekend. Also, I might be slightly biased with my opinion on the best country, but you have to admit it's pretty darn awesome!

How could I not be when I spent some time with this little fella.

 This weekend we went up to Julian's mum's house. It's a hard task when this is the view from our room.

Then a walk across the street you have to put up with these types of scenes.

The sun was out but the wind was a little chilly to actually go down to the beach.

So instead we went to a wildlife sanctuary owned by friends of their family, Jirrahlinga.

There we saw a few of the natives.

A dingo - Which didn't take a baby, although with a kid that looked like this I considered testing the theory.

This cheeky guy who was putting on quite the show for us. We were actually inside the enclosure, they were not fussed at all by the kids being in there.

This little guy has just been introduced the the koala family, he was orphaned. Sadly for him, the family so far have rejected him. So he was all on his own curled up in the tree. 

The park is home to a koala hospital, and does not receive government support. All entrance fees and donations go towards upkeep and care for the animals. Last year the hospital they were using was burnt due to an electrical fault. Devastating the staff and taking the lives of 6 koalas.

The owners Tehree and Hamish, were recently awarded the Pride of Australia medal, for the lifetime they have spent caring for our wildlife. They played a huge role after the Black Saturday fires, working around the clock to assist injured wildlife.

It really is a beautiful place, so if your in Victoria and headed down the coast anywhere near Barwon Heads, go check it out. For more info you can go here 

I'll be sharing some more pics later in the week. Hope you enjoyed a little slice of Australia.

I know this one did!

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo

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  1. I love your post, Mel - funny, sweet and sad. The orphaned koala, all alone in the tree... :( *sniff sniff*

    My #1 destination on my list is Australia...oh, and I want to stay at Julian's mum's house! :)

  2. What a sad and sweet post all in one. Those poor little koalas. But, that picture of your little ones made up for the sadness. Looks like you had a GREAT weekend. Thanks for sharing Australia with us...and now making me desperately want to travel there.

  3. BAAAHHHAAAHHHAAA! The dingo didn't take the baby. That is good.

    The poor koala pics, however, are tear-jerkers!!!

  4. THANK YOU for sharing this. Great pictures.

    So much better to see these than the deceased roo. *winks*

  5. Have I told you that Australia is my number one place I want to visit? My grandfather traveled there and used to tell me stories, I want to see a koala so badly. I still have a koala puppet from when I was little. Sigh, someday.

  6. I love your post. I still have a koala puppet !!

  7. I am actually Australia and had a good giggle at this post :) We really do have a beautiful country, I hope you guys do get a chance to visit one day! The wonderful work done by volunteers to ensure the koala's safety and population is really touching, it's always hard at this time of year during Summer with the threat of bushfires being a very real danger to our native animals. Pop by my blog sometime! There are always photos and things going up of my country town home, critters and things :)

  8. Okay, I'm LOL over the dingo rejecting pouty baby! I took my kids to a game preserve while we were in Australia. Farm Girl had a great time but City Girl got punched by a Roo and an Emu nipped her. I wander why she prefers the city? Beautiful scenery! ~ Maureen

  9. Lovely pictures, Mel ! My brother lives in Australia but is not very keen on taking photos :-( thank you for sharing a part of your world with us.

  10. Awesome post Mel! Great pictures too! OK...I can't decide which I want to pick up and cuddle more....the pouty one, the pacifier one or the rejected orphan one!!! All adorable! OK, you can put this on my list of places to visit when I come see you. How lovely! Oh...and lmao over the dingo/baby remark. You kill me!!

  11. Beautiful! I would love to visit Australia some day. Poor koala, I hope he finds a friend soon.

  12. I have always wanted to visit Australia. I've been fascinated with your country for years. I've read some books about Australia when it was being discovered and settled,like the Blue Mountains.
    I'm kind of a gypsy and love to travel, see new places, meet lots of people. I was a senior companion to a lady that was from Brisbane. She had a coffee table book showing so much of Brisbane. She said she'd been a surfer in her younger days. When I was her companion she was 94 yrs. old and had a terrible eye condition. We hit it off from the very first. She fell and died shortly after, I still miss her very much.

  13. Well you didn't oversell yourself, everything here IS pure awesomeness. I love the pictures!!

  14. gorgeous that koal is so cool! hope you had fun

  15. Awesome post Mel - love the pictures...sigh it is such a heard life with a view like that tho!


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