Friday, 30 November 2012

One for the Men - Beer Lovers Advent

Hi All,

It's one for the adults today.

Hi All,

This is the beer lovers advent, I'm not a beer lover but these Mango beers smell lovely, I actually tried it, usually just the smell beer makes me want to vomit - This one is for Julian.

I did the same as the baby advent, hopefully they don't get mixed up - Julian doesn't like custard.

Simple, quick and a treat he doesn't get often - he's quite happy with his advent, bring on December!

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo

Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Movie Lovers Advent

Hi All,

I'm so so late with this post! Here is day 5 of Advent week introducing The Movie Lovers Advent

There are no pictures of this but essentially it's the same as the kindle advent.


  • Board
  • Paint
  • Vinyl
  • Popcorn boxes
  • Lollies


  1. Paint the board
  2. Cut vinyl, I found a free movie ticket style frame on the Make the Cut software
  3. Then i added the popcorn boxes and filled them with 11 redskins in each box

There will be a surprise come the first, I'm placing a movie ticket in each box.

If you're wondering why I have been so slack with this post, it's currently 100f/38c degrees outside and the study is even hotter!

I am sweating bucket loads in here! The popcorn boxes are made from card and turned out to be too heavy for the advent so they are resting against the board on the shelf.

DIY Delight or Disaster? Oh it's okay, the weather really did put a crimp in my motivation, on the other hand, have you ever meet a kid that will be disappointed with lollies and movie tickets? I think we'll be just fine!

Other (better advents so far)

        A Kindle Advent

I'm off to see if I can crawl in the fridge  - Thanks for reading the ramblings of a heat induced, insane woman

I'm sure Advent week will be a little more awesome tomorrow, a break in the weather is coming!

Mel xo

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A Kindle Advent - A Readers Dream!

Hey all,

Welcome back!

Day 4 is all about Jack but can easily be adapted to any reader - The Kindle Advent.

This one is actually the one I love most, only because Jack is the hardest kid to buy for.

As an avid reader I wanted to give him the one thing he would want more than anything, a book a day, and thanks to Amazon and their freebies I only paid for a couple and they were less than a dollar. 

Want to make one for the reader in your life?


MDF Board
Black Paint
Circle punch
Vinyl - if you don't have a cutter you could paint this

Paint the board black, the pictures are not great the house was dark yesterday due to a freaky thunderstorm.

Cut (or paint) your screen, originally I was going to have Merry Christmas Jack running like sentences in a book, but then realized the weeding would take me forever.

Jump on Amazon and choose your books, I printed them on to 2 inch circles

 Then punched them out and also punched out grey ones to make the kindle buttons

 Stuck them together, placed them on the board and she was done. Each night I will have the books delivered to his kindle.  Again, sorry about the pictures.

Thanks for coming to see another installment of

If you missed them we have:

      Tween girl jewelry advent                    15 min baby advent                 Toddler Advent

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo

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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Toddler Advent - Sesame Street Style, Were You Expecting Anything Else?

Morning All,

Something for the toddler/ preschooler today. Big surprise, I went with Sesame Street.

Welcome back to The Awesome Advent Event,

Just when you thought I couldn't possibly have another Sesame Street post - here it is Madeleine's Elmo Advent.

Just letting you know that there were two of these made until I had a brain reboot and realized Max is not going to be eating lollipops. Actually these were a lot of fun to make and the pictures aren't doing them a lot of justice.


  • Plywood
  • White glue
  • Glitter
  • Scrapbook stickers
  • Paint
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue 
  • Drill
  • Vinyl (optional

Paint the board

Draw or transfer your image on. I found mine over at the Sesame Street Website

I had a few difficulties, then I discovered an awesome new wood transfer method see below:

Thanks Samuel, he also added the trees and decorations that weren't on the picture. He also decided to take a bite out of the Cookie Monsters tree - I didn't really want it but since he was drawing, who am I to argue?

Using the glue fill each color individually

Then glitter, don't worry about waste as soon as it dries, bang it around and put the excess back in the jar.

Then mark out the holes for the lollipops and drill.

Rub out all the pencil markings - there were a few stubborn marks a magic eraser cleaned them right  off.

Glue Ribbon around the edges.

Stick the scrapbook stickers around the holes and cut out the kids names and stick them on and you're done

I guess Max will have his next year.

That wraps up day 3 of

If you missed them



Thanks for reading,


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