Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Reason Why I have No Post Today!

Morning All,

I have almost finished my next three projects, I would have had something for you today but this was how my day started yesterday.

I didn't get much more productive than cleaning up after this little whirlwind of grossness!

Here's hoping I get a little time today, that Max does not require a change during meal times and Madeleine's meal stay in their bowl.

Mel xo


  1. Oh I have so been there girl! *sigh* Hope your day improved!!

  2. Oh no how did she manage that ?
    Keep that one for 21st revenge !

    1. Oh I will! Her hand is quicker than my eyes :P

  3. Holy moly you had your hands FULL!

  4. OH NO! I have to agree completely with Less is do have your hands FULL! Thank you so much for taking a moment, in the middle of this grossness and taking a picture. Love it!

  5. Wow, that sorta makes me cringe! Maybe I'm not ready for grandkids after all! :)

  6. I so feel for you, my mommy friend. My little monster has been extra attached to my hip this week. I think he can tell the new baby's arrival is fast approaching and he's trying to soak up all the Momma time. He's cute so I'll allow this clingy-ness. :)



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