Friday, 21 September 2012

The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe.

Once upon a time, there was a brave lion named Mel, what she lacked in DIY skills, she made up for with enthusiasm. One day, she came across a challenge so huge, that even with all her enthusiasm, there was no guarantee she could defeat the evil witch, who went by the name of 70's decorating.

The lion knew that to defeat this mighty enemy, she would need to take it one small battle at a time, this chapter begins with the wardrobe doors in the babies room.

The first line of defense was to get rid of the yellowing old doors, but paint alone was not going to defeat this beast. So the lion began by smothering the doors in paint - able wall paper.

Then with all her might, she taped off the wardrobe, but forgot to take a photo

She began the arduous task of painting, it would take 4 colors to bring down this beast.

Once the painting was complete, she attempted to spray paint the hardware, while one of these enemies came down easy the other put up a fight, permanently scarring the wardrobe, the lion was unsure how to fix this.

To forever more, end the witch's work, she held back the yellowing paint by placing two shields, which much to the delight of the children who resided in the room, would be able to hold items, such as their bags, coats and towels.

When the battle was over, Mel stood back to admire her work, she can see where the witch was able to get the better of her, but all in all the wardrobe is now safe!

Okay folks, please take a moment to allow C.S.Lewis to stop rolling in his grave before we decide whether this is a delight or a disaster.

Alright, that's enough time, DIY Delight or Disaster? Well the overall outcome is okay, there were a few issues with bleeding and the tape was a little strong for wall paper and some of it peeled. This was the first time I attempted spray painting the handles and putting up wall paper. I think I might have been too close for the spray paint and the wall paper was a nightmare, but I will give both another go in the future.
However it is a darn sight better than it was, so terrible fairy tale aside (my version not C.S. Lewis) I'm hesitatingly going to give it a Delight.

Oh and since The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, happens to be a favorite of my father, husband and two eldest sons, I'm in huge trouble when they see how I um improved on....their favorite book.

What do you think? Delight or Disaster?

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. Hi Mel,
    I wonder if you could have just used the vinal from the drawers again? Or would that have been too difficult?

    1. It's alright I get typos :P.
      In hindsight I probably would have been better off with vinyl, but I really wanted to try the wall paper because (and I should have known better)I saw some really awesome results in a magazine. (can't remember which one) The biggest problem was how badly the doors had aged, the gloss paint has really yellowed but I didn't want to replace the doors, mainly because the ones I had worked and I was being cheap.
      The picture doesn't really show how bad the yellowing.

      Thanks for commenting xo

  2. You now have delightful doors, and I think the Pevensies would be thrilled to enter! :)

  3. Putting that paintable wallpaper on the doors was genius! It is definitely a fun addition to the room!

  4. Do you have pine branches in the back of the wardrobe? That would be fun! I like the idea of the coat hook pieces on the door! It's a hit! So what's left - lighting and bedding? ~ Maureen

  5. So cute! Love those hooks on the front!

    I'm working on wardrobes at the moment, never thought to do something with the front of the doors!

  6. You do cheer me up! Love that tale - one of my faves :)

    Think you have done fab, I have just finished 2 canvases which I taped off to paint lines on. Darn tricky, but looks ok from a distance! Will blog about it later.

    Estelle xx

  7. Are you getting tired of me saying you are funny? Loved the story! Love the project even more! I have never put up wall paper. I've taken down a ton of it in my life though! Great idea to use it to cover up that door! Delight in my book!

  8. Definitely a delight...Blessings, Becky

  9. I think it's definitely a delight! So fun! I'm visiting from Shabby Nest's linky party and I'm your newest GFC follower. Would love it if you had a chance to visit some time and follow back. Have a great weekend!
    Tuula :)

  10. Perfectly delightful, Mel! I so love the stripes and the hooks, and the labeling. And it was nice to see those familiar faces of the Sesame Street characters (Gatsby has his scattered all over the floor as the moment.)


  11. I love the finished look - Great Job! You have more patience than I ... I would've been pulling my hair out by the end of this project :)

  12. Thankfully you didn't mess with Lord of the Rings...or The Matrix! Then there would be REAL trouble.

    1. There are plenty of more rooms, Mr. Smith!

  13. visiting from "just something I whipped up". I love this. Fantastic job and really cheerful

  14. The CS Lewis style to the post makes it even better.

  15. So amazing and colorful! Loved and pinned. Thank you for sharing this at MightyCrafy Mondays...


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