Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tales From The Toy Box

Hey all,

Well I'm glad to say, that the holidays so far have been good! The kids have been helping me spring clean and the sun is being very kind, so who knows, I might just end up staying sane after all.

I'm happy to be sharing the Toy Box.

This is my first ever attempt to redo a piece of furniture and I have to say, I'm addicted! I want to redo everything, but I think Jules will hold me back a little, so of course I'll start any future projects while he is at work, hehehe.

There were a few learning curves, so I've made a couple of mistakes but on the whole, I think I did okay.

I started with the toy box, I have a few of these that I've collected over the years, doing this has actually given me some ideas, for future rooms.

 I decided to act like a pro and got all the safety equipment out and started sanding.

The goggle things were so blurry, I took them off and just put my sunglasses on.

Then I primed, I was really impressed no drips, getting excited, then I sprayed, I did get a little dripping but it's barely visible.

At this point it's night time, Julian gets home and I show him the reason dinner is not cooked, otherwise known as, the toy box. He sees the safety gear out and says to me, "Why didn't you use the eye gear?", I was surprised he guessed and told him about the glasses being blurry, please note the reason why.

I didn't see the plastic scratch proof packaging - Oh my goodness, I can't begin to tell you how dumb this new foray into DIY has made me feel!

Got the foam and how's this, I bought this Sesame Street fabric about a year ago and forgot I had it, score!

Stapled it down and then hot glued the piping around the box, just realized my flip flops are in the background, told you the sun has been out!

Obligatory Before and After 

There it is in the room.

DIY Delight or Disaster? I have a comfy new seat to read bedtime stories, the toys are sorted, and most of all, I just like it. Next time I'll spring for better paint, I think that may have contributed to the little bit of dripping. I also discovered that wood may look smooth but can have little dints and things, so I'll be more aware of that, it did affect the finish a bit. End of day, I am happy with my first furniture paint job, so I'm going with a delight? What do you think?

Thanks for reading,

Mel xoxo


  1. Looks great Mel, love the cushion seat on the top!

  2. You did a great job! I always end up with a drip or two- sometimes I sand them away, sometimes I let them live. Hee-hee, I love the goggles story, sounds like something I would do!

  3. This looks great! I also re-made a toy box recently {for my kitchen} - now I need ideas for another toy box in my bedroom which I started .. uhm, yes, started... Thank you for the inspiration! Following you now as well ;-)
    Linda Nortje

  4. That's awesome! Love the fabric you used for the top :) -IBOT

  5. it looks awesome, well done !!


  6. How unique and beautiful! Well done Mel!

  7. Love it! I was thinking our toy box could do with an overhaul, but I might be better off to start over again.

  8. Nice!! Think we just found a use for the blanket box we're removing from our bedroom! Thanks! :D x

  9. That looks fantastic! I love the fabric. Megan

  10. Delight! You continue to amaze me girl! I haven't taken on any furniture...yet! Funny about the glasses!!!!

  11. You have to start projects when the hubby is at work too? Mine never knows what he's going to come home to! he he he!

    Thanks for linking this absolutely adorable painted toy box at tip toe thru tuesday! I love the choice of fabric you used- so bright and cheerful!

    You did an amazing job for your first big piece!


  12. I love the fabric! It's so bright and cheerful:)

  13. So gorgeous - you should be very proud of this :) and thank you for the lovely comment on my blog - Karen from Sugarbird xxx

  14. I am impressed! I want to do something like this now!

  15. Another hit! The film on the glasses is pretty funny, though. I really didn't like that toy box in the natural wood and love it painted. Turning it into a bench is brilliant! ~ Maureen

  16. Very nice - following you from the Come Flock Together Linky Party. Hope you'll visit my blog sometime.

  17. very very cute. i'm your newest follower. come check out my blog at http://sister-number-5.blogspot.com

  18. You are wildly hilarious. Thanks for clarifying what thongs you were referring to :). I love that you'll be starting projects while your husband is away. I love even more that you didn't wear your safety glasses due to blurred lenses :). BUT, most of all, I love this transformations. You did a beautiful job. It turned out perfect. I can't wait to see what you tackle next. Thanks for making me giggle.

  19. OH, this is too cute! I love the white paint and bright fabric together. Very fun.

  20. Love the new look you gave the toy-box!! It brings it back to life!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!


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