Monday, 3 September 2012

Sock it to me

G'day all,

First up, what is a sock hop? I mean I assume it's some sort of dance/social gathering, did they have to dance in their socks? If so, why?

Well if you're a pinterester you know that no laundry do over these days is complete without a lost sock organizer, so here she is,

Missing socks, it's like the greatest mystery since the invention of the washing machine. I personally think that the machine people and the sock companies are in cahoots. I bet the machines have a "sock limit" and once it has taken enough it dies! I bet the price of a new machine = the cost of all those lost socks! Well played, guys, well played!

I've also been wanting to try my hand at a magnetic board so I thought I'd combine the two.


Mod podge
Ribbon/Ric rac
Glue gun
Magnets - Get strong ones

First I cut my material and Mod Podged it on, I gave it 2 coats, make sure you get rid of threads, while the mod podge is wet, or they're stuck, FOREVER!

When that dried I hot glued the ric-rac, just to hide the join lines ,then I cut my letters and stuck them on, the vinyl is very light, sorry I couldn't get a clearer shot. I also craft at night, hence the shadows.

After that I glued the ribbon to the pegs and stuck a magnet on the other side,


What do you think, come on sock it to me, DIY Delight or Disaster?

Okay now I have to be honest, the reason I said use strong magnets - these ones wont hold anything but the babies socks. I will replace the magnets when I get some stronger ones. My verdict, Disaster! The more I look at it I'm liking it less and less, I think should have gone with something a little less "cutesy". I mean it's okay, but the one I liked was plainer and I think I should have stayed closer to her take on the sock holder.

Thanks for reading

Mel xo


  1. I think you are too hard on yourself here. I like it and it matches your laundry room perfectly! Oh...and you had to dance in your socks because dances were held in the gymnasiums and street shoes were not allowed on the gym floor.

  2. WHATEVA! I agree with Danni! With the color choices of everything else, it flows! What a great idea!

  3. Hi Mel, thanks for stopping by my blog on the weekend! I think this is a DIY delight! Lovely and colourful and of course very useful. I need about 10 of these haha!

  4. I love the colours! Mine would have to be huge though with the amount of odd socks I end up with!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  5. I think it looks perfect! If the magnets won't hold the socks, maybe you could just attach the clothes pins permanently?

  6. I love these signs and your turned out super cute!

  7. cool idea! It's really cute, and I love the colors! I think it's a DIY Delight for sure!

    T'onna @

  8. Thanks so much for sharing this at the Weekend Wonders link party! Hope to see you back on Thursday Have a great day :)

  9. HAHAHAH LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  10. I am new to your blog, so late to this particular post, but I do like it - 'darn' those lost socks! (Couldn't help myself!) -I like the idea, even if it is "cute" - ha ha ... Anyway, for a short time in my younger days, I wanted to be called, "Melly", so that's what drew me to your blog. Got here from One Artsy Mama. I love your style and humor!

    1. thanks so much for coming over, Melly rhymes with smelly...not good as a kid LOL


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