Monday, 10 September 2012

Show Me The Money!!!!

Now that would be awesome, I often wonder what it would be like to suddenly have that feeling of knowing you would never have to worry about another bill again. However, since I don't enter those types of things it probably wont ever happen.

Anyways, after Abby had a bad hair day I wanted to try my hand at playing with vinyl again so I decide to give the money tins a make over.

Elmo, he is the eighth member of our house, Madeleine's Elmo, in spite of numerous washes, is the mankiest looking toy ever! I got him for $2 at Target, I really wish now that I had bought a few. The toy is stained and falling apart but she continues to drag it everywhere, and I feel like I'm explaining to strangers all the time, that she does have other, cleaner toys and I do wash him.

It's like I feel them judging my personal hygiene based on Elmo's appearance, highy embarrassing! That said, who am I to argue with a 2 year old, I'd have better luck running a 20km marathon in heels.

Money tins - the pictures on the tins are pictures of our $10 and $20 notes.
Assorted vinyl
Scissors and punches - yeah should have learned my lesson there!

Anyway this was easy, I cut the vinyl and wrapped it around the tin

Cut out the eyes and mouth

Stuck them all on and they were done

Now while I'm not "delighted" they are not as bad as poor Abby, I like Elmo but Cookie Monsters eyes are still a little off. Oh and if you haven't seen it, watch the documentary Being Elmo, I will never look at Elmo the same way, a truly inspiring and real story about he man behind Elmo, Kevin Clash.

DIY delight or Disaster? Meh, neither really, what do you think, oh and you guys get that I am totally okay with you saying "By golly Mel, what were you thinking, in fact, I encourage it.


  1. Way more fun than stupid bank notes! My youngest dragged a tea towel around with her everywhere. It was quite embarrassing, until the day a stranger spilled something and she whipped it out and mopped up their mess. All adults present looked at her in awe. Suddenly, I was the proud mom of a helpful toddler!

  2. These are cute decorated money tins! I can remember being little and having a stuffed toy kangaroo that I took everywhere, and we visited grandparents who lived across the country and the kangaroo got left behind when we came back home. I was in complete withdrawals until it was mailed back to me!


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