Monday, 17 September 2012

It Doesn't Always Pay To Be Frugal!

Morning All,

I made a couple of name signs for the babies room and learned a invaluable lesson along the way.

Sometimes being cheap, is just not worth it!

Craft Vinyl, here in Australia is very expensive! First time I bought it here I paid $13.95 for a 12*24 inch roll plus shipping so I wasn't overly impressed. Then I checked out Expressions Vinyl in America $1.89 for the exact same stuff, but the international shipping is expensive, so I waited for the coupon (I so wish we were more into coupons here!) but I had to buy a lot for the shipping to pay for itself.

Then I found, a really cheap place here, selling on eBay, $20 more than I was about to pay for my second order from Expressions Vinyl and bonus it was in bulk 12 * 9 meter (10 yards) rolls of my color choice.

So excited, I ordered it, turns out I know have a pile of cheap vinyl that is of crap quality, and I had assured my husband that this would mean I wouldn't have to buy the stuff for years.....Darn it! So in future there will be lots of pattern vinyl projects, can't get that here and I may have to buy some "extras" just to make it worthwhile hehehe.

What this means, for the moment, is every time I want to place a color on top of another I have to double up or else you can see the color behind coming through and it doesn't always line up easily. Oh well!

cutting machine
seam ripper

Cut my files, so easy just a rectangle and a semi circle plus the name, I use a seam ripper to weed the vinyl, cheaper than the weeding tool, and works great.

This is where you can see, the color issues, if you can see where the yellow is not right on top of the other so the green shows through. It's not a huge deal but it's not perfect.

There we go, 2 name signs.

DIY Delight or Disaster? Vinyl issues aside, I like it, I wish they were a little bigger, but I'm not confident with the cutter to use the tiling function and give the color issues, that would be a nightmare. All in all, I'm going with delight, what do you think?

Mel xo


  1. The kids will never notice and your, uh um, readers would probably never notice either! Good job. I am so impressed with all the details of the baby's room!

  2. DIY Delight, for sure! I love that you can see your loving hand at work and can't wait for future (tons of) vinyl projects to come :)

  3. I think they look great! Vinyl is really hard to work with I find, so I think yours have turned out really well. Delight!

    Hugs, E xx

  4. Delight! You are doing some great stuff in that room! Can't wait to see it all!


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