Tuesday, 4 September 2012

If Ya Like It, Put Some Bling On It!

"Wo, o,oooo, wo o oooo"

Firstly this post is scored to the tune of Beyonce's (best) song, Single Ladies, so please hum it as you read.

If you think I was excited about my trash-chic, Glitter Jars - that was nothing compare to these In fact if I knew how to make one of those favicon things this would be it. Seriously I want to make business cards, kids t-shirts, mugs anything. If I'm driving you insane with this, spare a thought for my poor family!

When I made the jars, I didn't tell you I over estitmated how much of the glitter/Mod Podge I would require, so I decided to make me some bling!!

Supplies (all on hand, these were FREE!!!!):

Glass flat pebbles
Ring base/necklace things
ribbon cord
super glue

Using the glitter/mod podge I painted the back of the pebbles, then sealed them.

Stuck them on the ring base and the necklace thing (I only use technical terms as you can see), let them dry for 24 hours, very important!

And if I wasn't too old, too overweight and too tall, I'd pop on a back bathing suit and 9 inch heels and dance the streets singing Single Ladies.

DIY Delight or Disaster? Ummm, do I really need to answer this????

Then I was excited I tried to do an artsy photo shoot (that ended badly)


Thanks for reading

Mel xo


  1. Great idea, very creative love the post too btw also creative ;)
    K xx #IBOT

  2. Very cool! Nothin' wrong with a bit of bling.
    That pic of the Queen made me giggle :)

  3. Love the picture of the ORIGINAL queen of bling. Your bling looks great too. Sorry, couldn't hum the tune to all the single ladies, because I only know the "If you like it, you should've put a ring on it" bit.

  4. love it!!!! Definitely Queen Bling!

  5. Very pretty...l love the colours

  6. Oh they are gorgeous! I think even Queen Elizabeth herself would be impressed with those!

  7. Blinging fabulous! Keep 'em coming, I am hooked!

    E xx

  8. I love anything pink :) Thanks for linking up.

  9. I love bling!!! And hahaha about the Queen ... so true. :)

  10. I am a bling person! These are so pretty!

  11. Those are fabulous! And who told you that you were too old for 9" heels??? Pfffft! funny about the queen!

  12. Love this idea! Great blog. The Queen picture is awesome.

  13. They are so pretty! I never think of these things myself, so I rely on creative bloggers like you for inspiration! I'm visiting from Whimsy Wednesday, I'd love to have you visit me too!

  14. So pretty! I've pinned this as well - thanks for sharing at MightyCrafty Mondays.

  15. Very pretty, Mel, I'm always down for some bling!!


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