Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A Framed Iron Holder

Today's project: An Iron Holder

Since the making of the ABIB, my iron has been whining about the fact that he doesn't feel he fits in anymore. Rest assure, my iron is a man. I mean, what woman in her right mind would own up to inventing the iron. Are wrinkles really that bad?

Which brings me to botox, when I was thirty I considered botox, not because I had any wrinkles but I thought I'd get a jump start and maybe slow the aging process. Well before I got around to it, I met a woman who had "some work" and honestly she looked 10 years older than her age and kind of like death warmed up....I decided aging might not be too bad, until I was referred to as geriatric!

 When I was pregnant with my last baby, Max, I was in need of some extra tests because I was an "older woman". The doctor said he would like them done right away to rule out possible complications, terrified I replied "sure, whenever you can get me in". So the doctor, who himself was about 25, gets on the phone and says "I need to order some tests, these are urgent I'm treating a geriatric mother." I was mortified, I'm not a violent woman but let me tell you, at 6 months pregnant I wanted to get up and smack that "young whippersnapper", like I have never wanted to hit anyone before. I had just turned 35! Apparently that's consider old for pregnancy??

So if 5 kids wasn't enough to put me off having more, the idea of being referred to as geriatric again, quite frankly, has put an end to me longing for more children!

Back to the iron holder.

An old frame
Fabric - I ended up going with a different fabric, this piece was a bit small
An Iron Holder
Heat and Bond

Sanded and painted the frame

Cut the fabric to fit and applied the heat an Bond And I ironed the fabric to the wall ( I found this tip on another blog, but I can't remember which one, so if it's you and you feel brave enough to admit you had a hand with this, let me know and i'll make sure you get credit)

Then I screwed the iron holder to the wall.

I tried to attach the frame with 3m hooks, which I usually love but they kept falling off (heat maybe) so I hot glued it, which was great, until it melted off the wall. So eventually I glued it with E6000. I mean I really should have known the glue would melt, it's an iron! I swear I do have a brain - I know this seems unlikely.

And here it is, a framed iron holder, warning wonky pictures because once again the laundry is hard to get into, but it is straight, not a sloping ceiling issue.

DIY Delight or Disaster? Attaching issues aside, I think it's a delight, what do you think?

Thanks for reading

Mel xo


  1. I have to admit...I never once thought about framing my iron holder!!! Does it make you like your ironing any better??? Delightful!

  2. Delight! I love the idea. If I didn't already have a place for my iron and ironing board I would try this! I've never seen this done before! Speaking of old, I'll have to show you some lamps I just got and get your opinion. I think they look "Grandpa" old. Trying to decide if they are keepers but um, not so sure. Love this idea!

  3. Great idea and lovely end if I could just remember where my iron lives, I might consider have a go!!!! lol

  4. Very'll soon be the envy of every woman with your funky and fab laundry...

  5. Aargh - I must be a 'geriatric' mum too! I'll be 34 before this baby is born! I admire your restraint, that 'young man' deserved a stint on the naughty step at least ;)!

    Love your iron holder, looks fab! Definite delight.

    Estelle xx

  6. Wonderful idea! This turned out lovely.

  7. Cute idea!

    Thanks so much for partying with us this week @ Keep Calm & Link Up!
    xo, Meredith @

  8. Im going to make a couple of these! I love them. :) Yes I do get around to reading people's blogs! Love your laundry. Unfortunately I rent so clean is the current make over style :)


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