Saturday, 25 August 2012

Mellywood's Mantra

I woke up to a gorgeous sunny winters day and inspite of the sun I was feeling a little depressed with my disastrous first attempt at trying to build the Laundry Station. All I could think was, what am I doing, but I couldn't give up because, I'm a huge believer in teaching my kids by example and really if it was them wanting to give up after THREE attempts at doing something I would be on their backs like a snail shell.

Jule's keeps telling me it turned out fine and who cares about the fact I had to saw, but truthfully I've been missing being employed. It's the time of year when everyone is getting their performance reviews and bonuses and here I am at home feeling like a failure, who can't use a ruler. So I slob around in my misery, and go off to clean up the million pieces of sawed off wood, thinking "back on the horse", then I mutter, "don't you mean sawhorse?" (speaking to yourself - totally normal!)

Then the new Mellywood Mantra was born, and so when the babies went for their nap, I got to work.

Supplies - I forgot to take a picture, my bad!
  • Frame
  • Paint - I used left overs from the basket wall
  • Paint brush
  • Mod podge
  • Glitter Cardstock
  • Vinyl/cutting machine
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Scrap wood
  • A Positive Attitude

I sanded the frame and gave it 2 coats of paint.

I cut the glitter card to size sprayed with adhesive and slapped it on

Painted the wood scrap, I was about to sand it flat but then decided it considering why I was doing this I would keep it as is.

Cut my letters, and applied them

Cut the horse and Mod Podged it on, I was going to use a sawhorse but they looked kind of boring, then hot glued it to the frame

Tada, a sparkling awesome reminder personal reminder that I only fail when I don't finish.

I'm going to pop her in the laundry, because let's face it, with a family of 7 most of my day is spent in there.

When you start anything new (like DIY, ahem) things will most likely go wrong somewhere but it's getting back on the the horse that will see you through.
Public service announcement complete, now back to your regular scheduled viewing.

Also go here to see my favorite personal reminder craft, it's an even better lesson - and stalk her blog you won't be sorry!

DIY delight or disaster? This one is a pure delight, what do you think?

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


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