Saturday, 1 September 2012

All That Glitters is.....Trash Chic!

I love bling as much as the next chick, although these days, I'd prefer items for the house over jewelry, it just seems like so much money when the house needs fixing up. That said, if you feel the need to bling me, I have no objections! On a recent trip to Western Australia, my mother in law, bought me a beautiful pearl pendant, from the pearl farms, which I love.

So folks, I decided to have another shot at re/upcycling, which I have decided to rename Trash Chic, mainly because up/recycling sounds an awful lot like exercise, which I should do more of, but don't. Oh by the way, if someone else has come up with this term, don't tell me, I'm once again marveling at my incredibly genius mind. (I probably did read it somewhere!)

Actually I'm really happy with this one, isn't she sparkly and pretty!

First off I was just going to do some ribbon wrapped vases, however it began to look very much like a butter project, if you're new here, welcome, and you can see what a butter project is here

Pasta bottles
Mod Podge

So I firstly I force fed the kids pasta for a week, just to collect the trash, (only slightly exaggerating) and cleaned the bottles. Oh and to you regular trash chicers, props for the cleaning bit, I used steel wool and wow that stuff hurts!

 I used equal parts og glitter and modpodge and mixed to a nice consistency.

Please note the profession mixing jar, you should all have Shrek plastic containers. I mixed the glitter and glue and then painted it on.

After painting, I was concerned with it chipping so I looked around to see if I had any sealer, I did I bought it 10 years ago, look what came out of the bottle, GROSS!

But it worked, yay.

I love this so much, so while I ask you, as I do every day, DIY Delight or Disaster? Obviously I'm delighted.

Thanks For Reading,

Mel xo

 One last look, can you tell how much I love this, hehehe!


  1. Alright Mel...I'm not a glitter girl...because of the mess that seems to fall anywhere I set something down that is covered in glitter. So...I'm asking..does the mod podge make the glitter stay? or does it flake off. (You could make a glitter girl out of me if the answer is right!) I do love the look of your jars and the "trash chic" it and I'm crediting you with it!

    1. It stays on, but I did seal it, actually one of them just fell off the shelf, it's ok, no chips :)

  2. Very cute.. I love the colours you've used :)

  3. Those are nice. I am trying to come up with ways to recycle some of my jars instead of throwing them out ( I do recycle them but still if I can do something like this its a win win for me). Thanks for the inspiration! Hopping by from the blog hop. Your newest follower here.

  4. Ooh, I am a big glitter girl - total delight in my eyes! Love the colours too, fab!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  5. I am such a glitter girl too so I am in love with this! Love the purple color! It is glitter week over at The CSI Project so I invite you to come over this week and link this up in the competition starting Wednesday. You can see 3 tutroials before the competition begins. Each week is a new challenge with a fun giveaway. Link up to 3 projects a week and YOU just might win.
    Come on over!!!

  6. Those turned out so dang cute!! We'd love for you to link up to our party!

  7. Very cute, I like glitter too much (so says my husband who goes to work with it on his face :)
    That is the life for the husband of a DIY blogger...


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