Friday, 25 July 2014

Look What My Thrifting Fairy Godmother Brought Me!

My thirfting fairy godmother was clearly showing me lots of love in June.

First my local place was having a 50% of sale so when I saw this pillow, clearly hand made with all of that cross stitch I just couldn't help but buy it, and for a $1 someone spent way too much time for her to get all dusty.

This plate was too much at $6 but for $3 I have just the thing I want to make with it, fingers crossed it doesn't break!

I love these old fashioned alarm clocks score at $3

Elizabeth has a bit of a bird thing for $1 each I thought these would be perfect in her new room.

I nearly had a heart attack when I saw these, I truly believed that I did have a fairy godmother, $5 how freaking fantastic are these going to be with a little paint. Seriously why would you get rid of these LOVE!!!

But the item that had me hugging it and whispering to Elizabeth in an excited voice was this OROTON bag for $3.50, for those of you not into bags or aware of this brand, this bag, when in store was $350 dollars. Ask me how I know, back 3 kids ago I bought the exact same bag in white which was lost in a move. I also had previously purchased the larger bag in this range in black and the matching wallet 12 years ago which I still have to this day. There was not a mark on the bag I could not believe my eyes.

See miracles can and do happen!

Mel xo

Thursday, 24 July 2014

My Boob Job - I Love it!

Sometimes I think we really need to give our boobs a little makeover....

Obviously a) I personally didn't have a boob job and b) if I did I certainly wouldn't be blogging it.

But remember my boob key holder I had in the entry, I decided I wanted her to have a makeover in black.

So easy I just coloured it in with a black sharpie, and now my boobs are proudly on display in my new craft area.

DIY Delight or disaster? Delight I just love it and I might still be a little high from Sharpie fumes. Plus the look on my kids faces when I told them to check out my boob makeover...priceless. Horror, like I have never before seen on their faces and relief when they realised I was talking about my key holder, seriously as if I meant anything else, I am beyond prude LOL

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


G'day, ready for WYPW? Good.

I need a cool yarn buddy.

I've also been cooking and cleaning for about that long and the place is still a mess and they're always asking for dinner.

Can I add chevron to that list too!

Jules is away on business for the next couple of weeks, seriously I don't even need to walk far at present.

I got sick of telling the boys to do their homework, so I emailed them this, nothing cool about not having an education!

Keep on grinning!

Mel xo
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