Monday, 14 April 2014


Hey Guys,

As you know I am on school holidays with the kids and we have had an entire week of rain, boo! I have done nothing but I did see this recently over at Sew Delicious so I totally stole this idea from Ros.

Making: I'm currently in the middle of three large projects, knitting a top for Madeleine, doing a hexi quilt and I have cut the pattern for a bunch of hand puppets. We are also tackling the floors this weekend.

Cooking: Roast Chicken for dinner tonight, yum.

Drinking: I have a bottle of pink moscato chilling ready for bedtime.

Reading: The Highland Barbarian - It was free on kindle, it's a trashy romance but I love when they mention real historical people. This one has Mary, Queen of Scots in it.

Wanting: To get some felt to finish my puppets and new stitch markers for my knitting mine seem to have disappeared.

Looking: At Craft room ideas, still can't get over the size of some of those craft rooms.

Playing: Pet Rescue Saga

Wasting: The one day I could have finished the laundry by watching an entire seasons of Scrubs with the kids.

Sewing: Puppets and the quilt I mentioned earlier.

Wishing: That I had the skills to pull off some of my ideas, in my head they're great....perhaps they're better left there

Enjoying: Having the older kids home, even if they do tend to drive me a little crazy.

Waiting: For pay day - monthly pays suck BIG time!!

Liking: The the idea we have for the floors, man I hope it turns out well.

Wondering: If my two little ones will go a day without completely destroying their room.

Loving: Having tea parties with Madeleine and watching her enjoy "chocolate" tea.

Hoping: That the weather is good over Easter so the kids can enjoy some time down the beach.

Marvelling: AT Samuel and how well he is doing in his after school job. After a few months he is now training new kids. He's working so many hours over the holiday, he's loving the extra cash.

Needing: A hot bath!

Watching: Scrubs, never fails to make me laugh out loud

Smelling: The the roast cooking.

Wearing: jeans and a nice top, so odd for me not having yoga pants on.

Following: The story of a young girl that disappeared, glad to say she's back with her mother.

Noticing: That Max is getting so big, a new haircut and he no longer looks like my baby :(

Knowing: That I have less than 2 years with Samuel in High School then he will be off in the big world and it thrills and frightens me at the same time

Thinking: I'd like to retire to the country, and counting how many years until I can do just that.

Feeling: A little concerned about Jule's job. His company has been bought out by another and they have been letting a lot of people go. 

Bookmarking: Activities for my little two. Especially Madeleine who now wants to craft all the time.

Opening: The mail, nothing exciting!

Giggling: At Scrubs, it's fun introducing the kids to my favourite shows and seeing it new in their eyes. I love that they share my sense of humour.

To anyone who actually read all of that, thanks, to those who didn' was a lot don't feel bad.

See ya after Easter,

Mel xo

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Washer Pendants..Or Bob Meets A Lady!

I was making things for a craft stall and decided to take a few pictures...that was a mistake!
When I took the following pictures I had used a lint roller and I swear I couldn't see anything but the camera sees all. Apparently that 10 pounds it adds is made entirely out of fluff!.

If you want to know how to make glitter pendants you can see my tutorial here, lint free.

No amount of phot editing was going to help in fact it just got worse and worse!

However the most exciting new in the craft room is that Bob got himself a lady, Betty.

Don't they make a lovely couple, Bob all big and manly, while Betty is sweet in her fluffiness.

They're going to be together for a very long time, now I have to stop talking crap and get moving I have so much happening here at the moment and it has to be done before Easter. Just to make things fun the kids finish school for 2 weeks on Friday, which means I shall be on a blogging break, except for WYPW because honestly 2 weeks home with the kids, I will be the one needing a few laughs. I will be changing the wifi password until their pigstys rooms are clean and I plan on being very mean and bossy about it!

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo

Monday, 31 March 2014

The Lounge - Obviously it's a before shot.

Morning All,

So what I have discovered over the past year and a half that it is almost impossible to finish a room and start on the next. The Entry is nearly done but I am looking for the perfect coat rack idea and lighting so while I search around for what I need to finish it off . However we did have ideas for the lounge room. 

So on the spur of the moment last Saturday we decided to get started on some ideas we had since Julian was measuring up, there was no time to tidy up, welcome to Saturday mornings in the mansion (pre clean up) I'm sure those scraper site will just be dying to steal these photos....or not on the plus side when you're having a my house is terrible come back and make yourself feel better.

It's actually a very large long room. Above it the front of the room. A lot of the space has been unused because of the arches.

That's the back of the room where Julian has his study. I told you it was pre clean up.

I know people love little nooks, but this one bugs me.

There isn't actually that much crap in there usually but I was cleaning out another room and I dumped everything there.

I had to snap these so quickly because Jule's had literally just been checking where the wall studs are and went off to the hardware store, as you can see, Madeleine thought she needed to double check the studs.

This is the arch that leads into to the entry just to give you an idea of how it is situated. So what's about to happen, big surprise but I can give a spoiler and say that awful dingy beige is gone! We have HUGE plans for this space.

Also I am kind of glad the photos are messy, it will make whatever we do look better (hehe) Plus I am praying that will be the last of the blue carpet in the living area, we were given some free carpet however it didn't fit so we have had a change of plans which we should complete over the Easter break.

So what would you do with that huge space, any suggestions? What about the nook, love them or hate them? I actually like some nooks but not this one we have another one in the kids area that is actually fantastic. With this nook I think they dudded us on kitchen space by adding it, however to remove it will add more problems so it has to stay.

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo