Thursday, 28 August 2014

Wardrobe Doors Makeover

Hey Guys,

Work is under way in Elizabeth's room. The walls are now white. Elizabeth really wanted to have a green room, but since I discovered how much brighter the house is with white walls I nixed that idea.

Every time I have done the kids area I have always gone a little bit crazy. For Elizabeth what I really wanted was a room that would make her happy now but could also be used throughout the teen years. So I painted over the old doors that were installed in the 70's

They received a much needed facelift with Canterbury Blue Cottage Green Chalk Paint 

DIY Delight or Disaster? Simple, easy and I appeased my green loving girl with painting the doors, Delight!

Since we are sort of gong with a cottage, simple pretty room, I decided not to replace the worn brass pulls, I was going to but then I decided after painting that I did actually like them.

Thanks for reading,

 Mel xo

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

TP Monkey Craft - Hide It From The Kids

Okay so I don't often share the crafts and things that I do with my little two, no reason except that's not really what this blog is all about. Which really means my kids make a big, old mess and don't stay clean enough for pristine blog type pictures, you know they look like real kids. Madeleine decided she preferred to wear pj pants that day and Max wouldn't have his hair brushed and his haircut, well he likes to move when the scissors are near.

When I craft with the little ones I usually make one myself, just to sit with them, anyway the other day we made these tp monkeys, print offs found here

Jules came home and found our monkeys and was absolutely horrified, he asked me why I would do a craft like THAT with the little ones. I'm all like what are you talking about, it's a monkey, they love Curious George.

Note the tail, he thought I was making "anatomically correct, gender specific" monkeys. I tell you I nearly fell down, I was laughing so hard, I couldn't even tell him that it was the tail for about 15 minutes. Every time I went to say tail a had another fit of giggles. At that point I knew I had to share my "boy" monkey with you.

Umm yeah!

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo

Monday, 25 August 2014

Dining table & Chair, (I might need to change the name of this blog to the Barbie Dream house)

Hey Guys,

Sometimes I forget I am a responsible 38 year old mother and I like to rebel against maturity. I also, for reasons unknown to me, have 4 dining tables that I like to switch out every year or so but this one was left outside and had become quite weathered and not in a good way. If you visited my guest post at The Thrifty Rebel last week, you'll know that I did something to freak Jules out.

I wanted to go back to a drop leaf table to try and make a little more room during the day when the little ones have all their toys out to play and this can be pushed up against a wall.

These chairs are from another set and had really become quite yucky out in the garage.

So when I heard of a new Aussie chalk paint company Canterbury Blue from another Megan of One Plus One Equals Six of mine, I had to try it out. Juliana the owner of the company is an absolute delight, love the paint but I love her even more, how could I not buy from a woman who refers to herself as my paint pimp??  I've actually done quite a few things there will be more colours coming up in Elizabeth's bedroom. I LOVE her paint, it's much cheaper than the other brands out there and the wax just smells amazing, it actually smells like the bush after rain.

I decided to try painting the fabric, I truly do like the result, however I have heard around blogland that it feels like leather, I'd say more like oilcloth, but the best part about the painted and waxed fabric, it wipes clean. No jokes, Madeleine dropped her BLUEBERRIES on it right after I did them, could not believe my eyes when it wiped off.

So I decided I needed a pink table, I also decided to do this while Julian was away while he was on his recent business trip. When I told him he starts freaking out and declared "Great we're living in a doll house now" among other less blog appropriate things, to which I replied, "every girl wished she could live in the Barbie dream house" However when Madeleine told him we had a "princess table" he couldn't say no to her.

I happened to be out when he got home and saw it for the first time (it also might have been on purpose) and this is the message that came beeping through.

Which only goes to prove that it is better to ask forgiveness, than ask permission and they might actually like it. Now of course I am going to have to paint all the walls and do that room next but worth it for my pink table.

If you're in Australia and want to see the most beautiful and affordable range of chalk paints, from a 100% Australian owned and also made here (I have received some paint for free those posts coming up, but I paid for my beautiful pink for this is not sponsored) check out Canterbury Blue on FB.

Also if you want to check out more pink fun, head over to The Thrifty Rebel for more pink lady posts.

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo

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