Wednesday, 24 September 2014

10 things I've never told you before

Hey Guys,

We are on school holidays, the weather is absolutely glorious and so I wont be around much, the kids and I are having some fun. We've been doing things like finger painting in our undies...the little two that is, the rest of us prefer to stay clothed. Crafting and I have been doing some pretty deep Spring Cleaning!!! (Filled my car after just doing my wardrobe)

Anyway I thought I'd share 10 things I may or may not have told you over the past couple of years and I would love it if you joined in and shared 10 things about you.

1. Growing up we had the good old back yard pool and my parents would not let us swim unless the temperature was over 27. My brother, sister and I would stare at the barometer with our bathers on once it hit 25 in hopes that we would be swimming any minute. To this day as soon as I see 27 it automatically makes me happy.  That's me in the green tshirt, with all the zinc, we burn easily. In fact in the middle of summer my Mum used to make me sswim in a skivvy, so cool....

2. I have dodgy ankles and I am a big old klutz. I spent EVERY school holiday either on crutches or in a cast. Except for the time I broke my nose. The weird thing is even after I left school for the first 18 months I still wound up with something sprained or broken. More often than not it was my ankle.

3. My mother family immigrated here from Ireland I am of the first generation from that side born here in Australia. I don't really identify with it, other than St Patty's day and lets be honest everyone is a little Irish in March.

4. I was married prior to marrying Jules. I was young and dumb and I sincerely hope my kids don't marry before they're 25. Jules is 6 years younger than me, which interestingly enough, always raises eyebrows but my ex was 6 years older than me and nobody EVER mentioned that age difference.

5. If I ever had a career do over I would love to write commercial jingles, not sure why but it sounds really fun.

6. I was never a girlie girl. I have always been much more comfortable with boys my favourite toy as a kid was a Tonka Truck.

7. My retirement plan is to move to the country and try to have a fully self-sustaining property, except for meat. I would buy meat I don't think I could raise then eat an animal. I long to have a little cottage full of scrappy quilts and baskets of home grown fruits. I know lots of people have done the sea change/tree change here but for the sake of my kids education and income possibilities, I don't think it's the right thing for us now. I love this quilt, Mum made it for Madeleine. (I want to keep it for myself)

8. My biggest fear for my short term future is not being able to get back into the work force. I have plans of going back when the little two are in school but being over 40 and out of the workforce for a few years, I am worried that t will hurt my employment prospects.

9. Without a doubt I am sure my family is finished. I have been watching friends and family have babies the last couple of years and as gorgeous as all those little ones are, I never feel clucky. I am happy to hold and happier to hand them back.  You see lots of pictures of the little two so I thought I would show you my older three when they were little, oh so many memories.

10. My bucket list includes, skydiving, bungee jumping and learning how to crochet. I have tried so many times to crochet and I CAN NOT figure it out. I make one long chain and that's as far as I get. I have been shown in person, watched you tube videos read books but the technique just eludes me. I find it really frustrating.

Anywhoo, I think I have one more post coming up over the next couple of weeks, but if not, see ya soon. Oh and if you decide you want to share some things about you, do it in the comments or blog and let me know so I can learn more about you guys.

Mel xo

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Nurseries - Oh Baby!

Hey Guys,

I was more than a little excited this week to have the opportunity to curate a board over at Hometalk.

Oh Baby (pun intended) there are so many cute ideas for any one planning a nursery, like this adorable wall art from Our Pinteresting Famly.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

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